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Sennheiser HD419 Over Ear Stereo Headphones - Black
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Sennheiser HD419 Over Ear Stereo Headphones - Black

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All-in-One Portability and Comfort

These headphones are designed to be lightweight and portable, making them easy to transport. An added benefit of these headphones is that they are durable, so you can pop them in your backpack or bag without worrying about damaging sensitive components. Sennheiser HD 419 are also optimised for portable audio use and can be used on a number of mobile devices, including the iPad, iPod and iPhone and a number of Android smartphones and tablets. They are designed to offer an attractive yet comfortable fit. Soft cushioning around the ears and under the headband ensures that the wearer can become completely immersed in the music without any discomfort. The headband is also very bendy and can fit any shape of head, making it easy to move around with ease.

Superb Sound Quality Shapes Your Audio Experience

In addition to its sleek and sophisticated design, Sennheiser HD 419 headphones do not disappoint when it comes to sound quality. The earpiece has been cleverly crafted to completely surround the ear, and these closed circumaural ear cups cut out any external noise and create an audio cocoon. Although Sennheiser HD 419 were designed as entry-level earphones and are perfect for everyday wear, they offer a quality listening experience that outranks other headsets in this class. With a punchy bass, they certainly deliver, and the percussion, trebles and highs and mids are crystal-clear.

These headphones are ideally suited to most of today’s modern music genres, and they provide a great sound at a respectable price.

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