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Sniper Elite 3 (Xbox One)
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Sniper Elite 3 (Xbox One)

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A Realistic Adventure

Sniper Elite 3 uses the Xbox One's considerable power and the expertise of some of the world's finest developers to bring you a more immersive and complete sniping adventure than you have ever seen before. The terrain of North Africa is rendered in glorious detail and provides a realistic and varied environment in which to hide. With multiple routes to take and plenty of ambush and cover points, you will be able to use your wits to their full potential as you fulfil your objectives and uncover an extraordinary Nazi "wonder weapon" plot.

You Are in Charge

Sniper Elite 3 puts you, the player, in charge of how you go about completing your objectives. "Railroading" and pre-defined courses are conspicuous by their absence. The huge detailed environments allow for multiple approaches, and a wealth of cover points and hidden routes allow for innovation and improvisation. Your objectives may be set in stone, but your methods are not. You can use your imagination, make your own plans and make decisions about which approach is best.

A Deadly Enemy

In Sniper Elite 3, players will face the notoriously deadly North Africa Korps of the German army. The AI system has been rebuilt from the ground up to make the enemy pose a more realistic threat than ever before. The enemy are now smarter and more human, with more emphasis on working together to defeat you. But if you need help taking them down, the ever-popular co-op mode returns, allowing you to team up with a friend to fight the Nazi threat.

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