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Sony MDR-RF855 100m Overhead Home Wireless Headphones - Black
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Sony MDR-RF855 100m Overhead Home Wireless Headphones - Black

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Whisper quiet with low distortion

The Sony MDR-RF855 wireless headphones deliver high quality sound to you with plenty of power but the design of the closed headphones means that almost no noise escapes the headphones themselves. This means that you can enjoy your music at the sort of volumes you love without disturbing those around you. To enjoy your wireless listening you need only plug the charging dock into your stereo device and you are then free to enjoy your audio throughout the room and beyond without any interference from all those cables and wires. These FM stereo headphones are also light, at just 285g with battery installed, so they will never hold you up or weigh you down. For TV or music, the Sony MDR-RF855 wireless headphones are ideal.

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