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Thief (Xbox One)
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Thief (Xbox One)

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Superb graphics and hyper-realistic game play

Players will step into Garrett’s shoes and see the world through his eyes as the storyline unfolds. Exploring the city is easy and you can venture from the heights of the rooftops down to the dark alleys with ease. Thief features an open world hub that’s got a distinct Victorianesque-London feel and the graphics are truly spectacular.

Stealth game-play at its best

Thief immerses players in an action adventure game that relies on stealth and quick decision making. The simple act of walking on carpet, tile or wood can determine a player’s destiny and light and shadow can reveal Garrett to the enemy and see him engaging in face to face combat that could be a death sentence.

Manipulate the environment with your skills

Players can outsmart the enemy and carry out successful heists by manipulating their environment and building their skills to ensure success. Tiered upgrades are applied to aspects such as bow aiming speed and focusing abilities, and as a player progresses their aim and results will improve dramatically.

Next-gen gaming with enhanced A.I

Thief creates a truly tactile and immersive gaming experience and uses ground breaking visual elements to create visceral first-person players experience. The A.I and sound effects are typical of Next-Gen games and are showcased to their full effect on the Xbox One.

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