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Vax U86-AL-B Air Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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Vax U86-AL-B Air Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Full Power Without the Cord

This cyclonic cleaner doesn’t lose any of the suction power and will provide a perfect clean every time. The WindTunnel 3 technology provides you with an extremely powerful cleaner. It lifts up deep down and stubborn dirt through three suction channels, and will remove more than you ever thought was possible. As the cleaner is cordless, it enables you to reach areas you wouldn’t normally be able to.

No Compromising on Capacity

Even though this is a cordless cleaner, it’s still a full-size model and doesn’t compromise on dust capacity. The Vax U86-AL-B has a 1.05 litre capacity whilst remaining lightweight and slim. When the dust container does eventually need emptying, this is a quick and simple process.

Long-Running and Fast-Charging

An issue with cordless cleaners can be the battery life, but this isn’t the case with the Vax Air Cleaner. It comes equipped with two Lithium ion batteries, providing you with the flexibility to clean where you want and when you want to. They are long-lasting batteries with a combined running time of 50 minutes, providing you with more time for cleaning. Once the battery runs out, it only takes three hours to fully recharge. As there are two batteries, you can be charging one while still using the cleaner.

As Light as a Feather

Vacuum cleaners can sometimes be heavy and cumbersome machines, especially when you are lugging them up and down the stairs. The Vax U86-AL-B is extremely lightweight, coming in at under 5kg. You can carry it anywhere with ease, and there’s still no let-up in suction.

Manoeuvre Around the House

The Vax Air Cleaner provides you with the flexibility you need in a modern home. It can be used on both hard and carpeted floors, enabling you to use it throughout the house. It’s easy to manoeuvre around furniture and other household items, making the daily cleaning chores a breeze.

A Tool for Every Challenge

As well as the general cleaning capabilities, the Vax U86-AL-B comes with a range of cleaning tools for all eventualities. There is a removable tool that helps you reach those hard-to-get-at areas. The Vax Air Cleaner also comes with a crevice and dusting tool that can be used for clearing vents and cleaning furniture.

This is a perfect cleaner for any home and helps you to give the place a sparkling finish without the added stress. It’s easy to manoeuvre and lightweight and compact, providing the full power associated with corded cleaners but without the cord. For the flexibility and performance you’re looking for, check out the Vax U86-AL-B.

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