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Watch Dogs (Xbox One)
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Watch Dogs (Xbox One)

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The Computer Sees Everything

Watch Dogs offers a refreshing take on open-world adventure games. While it does feature the traditional driving and combat elements that lovers of Saints Row and the GTA series have come to appreciate, the computer-hacking elements add a new twist to the game. Players can use their skills to connect to ctOS, a super computer that gives them access to personal information about other characters in the world, and also lets them control security cameras and even the Chicago traffic-light system. Use your abilities to find targets, cause traffic chaos, spy on people, steal money or help people who may be about to be a victim of a crime. The open-world nature of the title means that the players are free to make their own ethical decisions.

Futuristic but Realistic

The Watch Dogs futuristic sound track was created by composer Brian Reitzell and has been released by Invada Records. Illustrations for the game have been designed by Chicago native Alex Ross, ensuring that the atmosphere is as realistic as possible.

No One Is Safe

The multiplayer feature of Watch Dogs allows other gamers to “invade” the games of players connected to Xbox Live. The invaded player must track down the other player’s character in their game world and defeat them before they achieve their objective. This will require skills in action combat and skills at using the ctOS system to identify targets.

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