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ScottishPower has been supplying people's homes with Gas and Electricity for over 50 years. They are suppliers for over 3.5 million homes, that's why they're 'The Energy People'.

Donation rates

Category Rate
HomeComfort Boiler Repair (Excluding Excess) £10.00
HomeComfort Boiler Repair (Including Excess) £7.50
HomeComfort Premium £15.00
HomeComfort Standard £15.00

Important information

Donations are only available to new ScottishPower customers purchasing one of the HomeComfort products listed under the donation rates. It is not available on any other products or to customers who have an existing or recently failed HomeComfort application.

In order for the donation to be made, the order must be made completed fully and immediately on the ScottishPower website, the application must be accepted by ScottishPower followed by a successful initial boiler inspection within 28 days of the policy start date, and ScottishPower must receive your first successful Direct Debit payment.

If you submit multiple applications, if you fail to arrange an initial boiler inspection, or if your agreement is cancelled prior to the first successful Direct Debit payment, then your donation will cancelled. You can't receive a donation in conjunction with any other donation or cashback scheme. Fraudulent applications are not allowed. 

Further ScottishPower terms and conditions may apply. 

Donations may only apply to the sale price and not include VAT, delivery and other such costs. Please do not use voucher codes from other websites as this may affect your donation.

Offer and discount codes

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