Best Rugby World Cup Apps


For sports fans, this autumn is all about rugby. The World Cup starts on September 18 and doesn’t end until Halloween, and with England as second favourites and the home nation, there’s plenty of excitement around. If you want to keep up with all the action, you’ll need an app that you can access wherever you are, but what exactly do you need? Here’s the lowdown. The Official World Cup 2015 App is free, and it’s available for iOS and for Android devices. Whichever one of the 20 countries vying for the Webb Ellis Cup you’re supporting, the app will let you personalise it with the team of your choice. If you get in early, you can then track preparations in the run-up and then keep abreast of your team’s progress. It’s the place to look for all the latest news as well as match schedules, which you can put on your calendar and set notifications to make sure you don’t miss any of the action. There are also trivia quizzes to test your knowledge and a weekly video quiz, not to mention ticket information and a ‘best-of’ archive. You can also get live audio for every match or take part in your own Dream Team game.

ITV, which has exclusive rights to the tournament, has also launched its own free app to let you keep up with the action. It’s a play-along platform which offers the latest news. You can also get video highlights and have the chance to vote on whether tries should have counted or not. It’s a good place to debate the action with other fans – if you can’t make it to the pub, of course. There’s also a Kick-It penalty game sponsored by Specsavers that you can play during the games. Land Rover is sponsoring the app, which is available for Android and iOS. You can also download the ITV app for iOS or Android devices to make sure you don’t miss any of the action wherever you are.

If these apps aren’t enough, there are others that may be worth a look, although they probably won’t offer anything better than those already mentioned. If you have a Windows Phone, though, you could check out Rugby World Cup 2015 from Microsoft, which is mercifully ad-free, or one of the more general rugby apps. There are also plenty of dedicated rugby game apps to choose from if watching the action makes you want to have a play – even if it is only from the comfort of your armchair. Some of the most popular include Rugby Kicks and Rugby Kicks 2, Rugby Try and Flick Kick Rugby Kickoff. At least if your chosen country isn’t doing too well in the World Cup, you can make yourself feel a bit better by scoring a few points yourself. Best of all, you can do it without getting muddy or losing any limbs!