The BizFit Challenge!

On Friday 23rd June the Team Aim High (From Give as you Live) completed the challenge of virtually reaching the summit of Mount Everest part of the BizFit Couch to Summit Challenge. The climb was a lot more intense ...

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Myeloma Awareness Week

This week it’s Myeloma Awareness Week! Myeloma has one of the highest rates of delays in diagnosis, we need your help to raise awareness for the signs and symptoms of myeloma. The charity Myeloma UK wants to ...

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Diabetes Awareness Week

Diabetes Week is back! It’s a time again to bring the supporters together and to raise awareness of the condition, and vital funds for which Diabetes UK help, support and work to achieve the best. While a lot of ...

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Face Equality Day 2017

Friday 26th May is the very first Face Equality day! Changing Faces want to increase awareness ensuring everyone is treated fairly and equal whatever the appearance of their face or body. It will include news ...

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Sunglasses for Him🕶️

This is the time of year where you’ll start picking up a pair of your favorite specs from a choice of the designers with a range of different styles including wayfarer, round frame, aviator and d-frame and ...

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