The Give as you Live key to success!

Did you know on average, customers need to seven pieces of marketing before committing to a purchase?

To put it into context your supporters may need to see seven types of Give as you Live messaging before signing up and raising free donations for your charity.

This means if you’re hoping to attract your supporters into using Give as you Live just by putting up some posters or sending one email you probably won’t get the results you were hoping for!

To help you out, we’ve put together some top tips on helping you promote Give as you Live to your supporters and stick to the marketing rule of 7.

1. Your unique link
Simply log in to your charity admin page and find your Give as you Live unique webpage link. When spreading the word to your supporters you’ll need to include this link as it will direct people to your Give as you Live webpage where they will automatically be signed up to support you. The last thing you want to do is send them to our homepage and give them the chance to pick any charity.

2. Set a target
Print off the target poster from your marketing toolkit and set a target of how much you would like to raise in 2018 and put it up in the office. It’s good to have a reminder of what you are working towards.

3. Add a banner to your website
Either on your homepage or under your fundraising section of your website add a Give as you Live banner that clicks through to your Give as you Live webpage. This is one of the easiest things to do as once you have done it you don’t have to worry about it again.

4. Email your supporters
If you don’t tell your supporters about this great way of fundraising for your charity how will they know it is there? Including Give as you Live regularly in your e-news is a great way of reminding your supporters to shop online through us. You can also send regular thank you emails to your supporters that are using Give as you Live to remind them how much the funds will help the charity.

Log in to the charity admin page and request a supporter report to see who your shoppers are and how much has been raised!

5. Get social
Your online supporters are more than likely to be the ones who shop online too. By doing a regular weekly post on Facebook and daily tweets on Twitter can help keep your online supporters engaged and remind them to keep shopping via Give as you Live to support your charity for FREE!

You can sign up to our weekly resources and we will send you weekly materials that you can copy and paste straight into your social channels. Using a scheduling tool like Tweetdeck can be really useful as it allows you to schedule all your tweets in for the week.

6. Offline works too
Posters and flyers up around the office/shop/site can help remind supporters as well as staff too. They are also great to handout at events and are a great size to fit into fundraising packs!

7. Get local businesses involved
Give as you Live is not just for your supporters – get your corporates and local businesses involved too. Corporates have a lot of internal purchasing to make, simply by shopping for all their business needs via Give as you Live means they will raise even more free donations for your charity!

8. Use our monthly seasonal campaigns
Our creative team have worked hard to produce your monthly campaigns that help promote Give as you Live. It mixes up the messaging around popular events in the year so you don’t sound repetitive when talking to your supporters.

The key to success with Give as you Live is to mix up the messaging and to continue to spread the word. If you are not reminding your supporters about Give as you Live they won’t know to sign up and use it to raise those much needed donations for you.