The Magic Marathon Continues

The marathon might be over for Brian and his friends but it certainly isn’t for Lloyd. This has been a roller-coaster of a week!

Lloyd was running on pure adrenalin towards the end of his crawl around the streets of London; it was by far the toughest of the marathons he has ever taken part in. When he finally crossed the line last Friday in the Mall, he celebrated with the kids from the charity, the Duke of Edinburgh volunteers and his family for a couple of hours before he rushed off to appear on The One Show. Lloyd’s supporters showed their thanks by giving him two giant snails for all his hard work.

Lloyd’s body is now starting to mend but he cannot stop falling asleep and when that alarm goes off in the morning he feels he has been hit by a truck! The waves of nausea still keep on coming and eating at times is often uncomfortable. One morning this week was spent in hospital as Lloyd needed a full check-up after this extraordinary 26 day crawl.

Peter Shilton, the former England goal keeper has been a friend of Lloyd’s for over 30 years and this week he has spent some time coaching Lloyd on the importance of recovery and has shared a few tips, which Lloyd appreciated very much.

Over the last 9 years Lloyd has raised over £5m for various charities and this week this inspirational man has been nominated to be a London 2012 Olympic Torchbearer and to be part of Olympic History… we all have our fingers crossed for him – he so deserves this recognition.

Lloyd had the surprise of his life when the kids from the charity organised a surprise barbecue for him at the offices of the charity on Thursday afternoon. They had made banners and posters to say a huge thank you to their hero.

Lloyd said:

“I feel very humbled by the effort the kids have made to say thanks, but I’ll only be a hero when I’ve hit my target to raise £200,000 for the charity. Over the 26 days I had plenty of time to think and this physical test of endurance was my choice, the kids the charity raise money to support don’t have that choice, they have to deal with the fact they have no independence and no freedom of movement every day. This has just made me even more determined and I will not rest until the job is done”

So the fundraising goes on and with your support we can provide for those who strive for the simple things in life that so many of us just take for granted.

It’s not too late, so please donate to Action for Kids or you can shop for him using Give as you Live.