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A Guide To Buying Fairtrade

Fairtrade Food:


The price of a banana bought in the UK has dropped from 18p to 11p within a decade. For most farmers in low-income countries, growing bananas for a living is becoming unsustainable. Buying Fairtrade bananas means farmers are protected from fluctuating market prices. Workers are guaranteed a minimum price, with support to invest and improve workplace conditions.

Where you can buy Fairtrade bananas:

100% of the bananas sold in these stores are Fairtrade:


Prices for cocoa beans have fallen in recent years. With crops being more difficult to grow due to climate change, fewer people are choosing cocoa farming as a career. When you buy Fairtrade chocolate, you know that farmers are getting a fairer price for their cocoa.

Where you can buy Fairtrade chocolate:

Coffee and Tea

By buying Fairtrade coffee and tea, you support farmers fighting the effects of a changing climate and low income. Fairtrade helps communities invest in clean water and clinics, improving everyone’s health.

Where you can buy Fairtrade coffee/tea:

Fruit and Vegetables

Other than Bananas, 98% of tropical fruits are grown in low-income countries. When you buy Fairtrade fruit and vegetables, you help workers improve working conditions and gain a steady income. Fairtrade fruit and vegetables also have lower greenhouse gas emissions and avoid using harmful chemicals - benefitting our environment!

Where you can buy Fairtrade fruit/vegetables:


Fairtrade wine can be found in a lot of supermarkets in the UK. More than 20.5 million litres of Fairtrade wine was drunk in the UK in 2019. Every bottle of Fairtrade wine you buy helps the lives of the farmers who grew the grapes.

Fairtrade Clothing:

Most of the cotton used in our clothing comes from struggling farmers with low incomes. Since 2010, Fairtrade has been working with cotton farmers. By buying Fairtrade you support farmers disadvantaged by global trade. Here are some Fairtrade clothing brands:

Fairtrade Flowers:

From roses to sunflowers, there are Fairtrade flowers to suit every occasion. Fairtrade flowers are traceable to the original farms, many of these being in countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and Uganda. Fairtrade-certified farms receive a Fairtrade Premium of 10% for every flower sold. This allows workers to invest in healthcare and other benefits.

Where you can buy Fairtrade flowers:

Why choose Fairtrade?

Buying Fairtrade helps ensure farmers and workers receive a fair price for the products they grow and sell. Fairtrade also helps communities invest in workplace conditions, education, and health care for a better future.

Choosing Fairtrade also means a more sustainable future for our favourite foods. All producers that are certified as Fairtrade use environmentally friendly practices which help towards climate change and sustainable production.

When you do your online shopping next keep an eye out for Fairtrade products. There are over 6,000 Fairtrade-certified products for sale in the UK. Don't forget, every time you shop through Give as you Live Online, your charity receives a free donation!

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