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The free, easy way to raise money for charity

Earn cashback-style donations from over 6,000 leading stores. Our App, Donation Reminder and website make it simple to raise free funds for a charity of your choice.

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How does Give as you Live Online work?

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Choose a charity and tell us a few details about yourself. You can start to raise money for charity immediately!


Start your shop from Give as you Live Online by finding the store you'd like to shop with on our website, app or Donation Reminder.


Once you've clicked through, just shop as normal. Everything will look the same, but as long as you've visited the store from us, they'll know you're a Give as you Live Online shopper.


We'll automatically add a donation to your account and pay your chosen charity.

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£32 million and counting

Give as you Live members have raised over £32 million for 40,000 UK charities so far.

Join 400,000+ members

Join the growing community using Give as you Live Online to support their favourite charity.

Totally free

There's no catch - it's just an easy way to raise with your online shopping.


Give as you Live Online partners with retailers to enable you to raise money for charity. It's similar to cashback: when you shop, the retailer pays us a fee as a thank you for sending shoppers to their website. We then pay your charity as a donation.

You can support any of our 200,000+ UK charities.

Our charities range from big national charities to local schools, churches and social groups.

Retailers pay a % of what you spend when you shop with them. For example, if you complete a £100 shop with Sainsbury's, they will donate up to 7.5% meaning you would earn a £7.50 donation.

Each retailer sets their own donation amount so donations can vary, but we display these rates clearly on the Give as you Live Online website, in the app and on our Donation Reminder.

As a "thank you" for sending them sales and customers, our stores pay us a commission. We use this commission to make a free donation to your chosen charity.

It's an easy way to fundraise for your charity online. You don't pay anything extra for your shopping and the donation is made at no extra cost to you.

It's also completely free for your charity. There are no joining or payment fees for them, so 100% of the donation will reach the charity.

We pay donations raised via Give as you Live Online to your charity every three months, subject to a minimum payment threshold of £15. This threshold helps us to keep Give as you Live Online free. If your charity hasn't reached £15, donations will roll over to the next payment date.

You can view the status of every donation you raise using Give as you Live Online in the 'My donations' page of your member account. It can take a few months for a donation to move from 'pending' to 'approved' to 'paid', but we'll keep you updated at each step of the process.

Give as you Live Online is free for members and charities alike. There are no set up or monthly fees for charities, and we keep payments free by having a minimum payment threshold of £15. Your charity will receive every penny you raise.

We donate 50% of the commission we receive, with the other 50% used to fund the on-going development of Give as you Live Online, which is free to all charities and members.

All donation amounts we display represent the amount the charity will receive - a 5% donation means a 5% donation!

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