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Frequently asked questions

Step 1:
Search for the store you want to shop with by entering the store name into the search box or by viewing our store categories.

Step 2:
Once you have found the store, click the 'Shop now' button and we'll send you off to the retailer to make your purchase as normal.

Step 3:
That's it! You've bought the product you want from your selected retailer - plus a % of the purchase price will be donated to charity. It won't cost you any extra to use our site.
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Sign up free and you'll receive extra offers from top retailers, exclusive voucher codes for money off straight to your inbox AND you'll get to choose which charity the donations you earn are given to.

Charities are paid via BACS on a monthly basis.

When a supporter has made a purchase the transaction goes through a number of different stages. The whole process can take up to 4 months, taking into account the 28 days we have to wait to allow for refunds and exchanges.

We guarantee to pass on all Give as you Live donations to the charity in the next available payment run from when we have received them.

All funds raised through Everyclick Ltd. products, including Give as you Live, are distributed through Technology Trust, a registered charity that is acting as our data and payment provider.

Our relationship means that the vast majority of UK charities are available to support through Give as you Live. Once a charity registers with the Everyclick Charity Administration System and agrees to the compliance agreement, payments can be made directly to each charity.

Give as you Live is an affiliate scheme, much like how and other such sites work, we get paid a commission by the retailer for sending traffic and driving sales to their site, but Give as you Live shares the funds raised with the users chosen charity.

Give as you Live is a web-based product, meaning you can shop with Give as you Live through our online store or you can install Give as you Live and shop directly with your favourite stores.

Each purchase made through either the store or the installed version of Give as you Live will raise money for any UK cause selected - for free.

To find out how to use Give as you Live visit our 'How it works' page.

The amount displayed on the Give as you Live website represent the amount that will be donated to your cause.

Some larger stores have different rates for different departments - the full list of store donations can be found by clicking the 'see all donation rates' link on the store page or on the Donation Reminder tool.

In order to fund the on-going development of Give as you Live, which is free for all UK causes to use and free for all shoppers, Everyclick takes a portion of the total commission we receive from our partner stores.

This portion is taken before any amounts displayed on screen are calculated. This means that 100% of any displayed amounts will be donated to charity.

The portion is typically 50%, however charities can increase their percentage share depending on how much they raise using Give as you Live. In addition, we may occasionally agree with individual stores to donate a higher proportion of their commission. More information about this can be found on our legal page.

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