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About Lighthouse Trust (Northampton)

Charity number: 1072069

The Trust's objectives are firstly to encourage and support those in education - staff and pupils alike, in the day-to-day life of learning and secondly, to support the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of children and young people, in line with Government guidelines. The Trust has a Christian ethos, but is committed in serving children and young people regardless of creed, race or faith. 1. Provides human resource (e.g. staff/volunteers) to support both primary and secondary schools. 2. Provides services (e.g. pastoral care, mentoring and inclusion support) to help support a schools Special Needs Department and successfully works along side the promotion of SEBS - social, emotional & behavioural skills, programme. 3. Provides classroom support (PSHE/RE lessons) in line with a schools curriculum. 4. Conducts special Workshops (e.g. 'Citizenship Roadshow' addressing issues surrounding The Law, Rights & Responsibilities, Care In The Community and Respect) using music and drama presentations etc to support the PSHE curriculum. 5. Provides assemblies (in line with Government guidelines for collective worship) for classroom, house, key stage or whole school assemblies. 1. Provides assemblies in line with Government guidelines for collective worship - classroom, house, key stage or whole school assemblies. 2. Education support. 3. Promotion of Citizenship issues.