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15 Ways To Fundraise This Christmas

Christmas is the best time of the year to get creative with your fundraising. With a little help from Give as you Live, you can raise tonnes of donations for the charity close to your heart. Here are some of our favourite ideas:

1. Gift wrapping service

It’s sometimes surprising just how competitive we can be There is usually someone in each family who finds joy in seasonal gift wrapping, while the rest of us find it a painful chore! If you’d like to avoid the pain, why not pay a little for the privilege? In return, you’ll save money on all those yards of paper you waste, by having someone do it efficiently!

2. Giving the gift of helping others

The simplest way of fundraising at Christmas is to think “how many gifts do we really need?” as a family. Just re-distributing some of the Christmas budget to good causes via a family fundraising page that everyone can contribute to makes it fair and more special for everyone.

3. Christmas Jumper competition

It’s sometimes surprising just how competitive we can be about outdoing each other with terrible fashion choices at Christmas! But we can use that spirit to get everyone on board with a fundraising party occasion where everyone contributes to claim the bragging rights of just how far they were prepared to go to look magnificently awful!

4. Donations from retailers

We all spend more money to enjoy Christmas than in other months and shops want our customs. Give as you Live Online was created for this exact purpose. Make sure every pound you spend this Christmas creates a donation on your behalf from the people you buy from. It’s so easy and so effective!

5. Christmas Day Challenge

It’s becoming increasingly popular to shake off the Christmas lethargy with a bracing activity. Might be a dip in the sea, something snow-related (if it’s a White Christmas) or just a good long walk to burn off the lunch calories. Whatever you choose, if you can make it exciting or competitive then you can turn it into a donation raiser!

6. Christmas Bake Sale

Christmas is the time we all give in to naughty food treats, so it’s the best time for taking advantage of our weakness to fundraise! There are so many Christmas speciality treats that we don’t get to enjoy year-round so whether you’re a gingerbread wizard or have perfected your own mince pies, get baking and get raising!

7. Design your own Christmas cards

We all want to send cards at Christmas. Why not get your family’s most creative brains to design something that helps you send a more personal family message to friends or other relations? You can simply set up an online donation page to collect your orders.

8. Christmas Taxi service

If you’re not planning on doing too much partying yourself, why not offer up some time to help family members get around to their festivities? This is especially useful around the “work Christmas party” season or for the youngsters who you want to make sure get home efficiently on a cold night.

9. Secret Santa

The opportunity to create random mischief through anonymous gifting is always popular. So whether it’s at the office, in a community group you’re part of, or just amongst the wider family, it’s easy to set the budget and collect a donation as part of the game. Or even create an actual “secret donation” game where the donation is the gift…

10. Donate your time to share experiences

Sometimes all we need to do to fundraise is put ourselves in other people’s shoes for a little while. Getting sponsored by your friends or family to volunteer, or undertake a challenge can help raise vital funds and vital awareness of the situation of others.

11. Christmas Tree decoration service

Decorating a Christmas Tree isn’t everyone’s idea of fun and some people in your community may not have the physical mobility to be able to do their own. But you can step in and raise donations by bringing your own sparkly service to people’s homes!

12. Christmas Tree disposal service

Don’t forget the other valuable tree-related service you can provide on the other side of New Year, getting all those decorations off again and the tree to your local recycling centre. Many people will be so glad to help to make this happen, and gladly give a donation for help.

13. Carol singing

Christmas is a time for music to create the right spirit, and the sound of carols will always be a popular part of it. If you can gather a group who can carry a tune, then bring the gift of song to your local community and take a bucket to gather those donations in return!

14. Design a Calendar

It’s very easy to create calendar products using the best photos of family or friends from the previous year, they’re all right there on your phone! Offer a personalised service via your own fundraising page and whoever you have at least 12 pictures of could be a potential customer for a unique product only you can create.

15. Quiz of the Year

Who in your family or office has been paying the most attention to the year just gone? This is a great way to crown an annual champion and replay for a fresh set of bragging rights every year. You’ll get plenty of enthusiasm as soon as everyone has had their fill of Christmas TV!

How will you give back this Christmas?

What is Give as you Live Online?

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