4 accessories to turn your phone into another device

We all know that smart phones are super powerful devices, with maps, music storage and the ability to read, watch and consume media in a totally different way to what we are used to.

With the help of some nifty gadgets you can optimize your apps and phone functions to the best of their ability, giving you anything from a sat nav to a sound system that could rival that of nightclubs.

6Turn your phone into the ultimate hands free car kit

With the RoadTune you can make car journeys more enjoyable with music streaming, charging and hands-free.

Simply connect the holder to your power outlet and plug your phone in- set your destination in maps and watch your phone come alive as a sat nav. Start up iTunes and stream your music directly to your car speakers.

£19.99, Mobile Fun

4Turn your iPhone into a breathalyser

Find your Blood Alcohol Content in seconds with the backtrack iPhone breathalyser. It gives you a professional grade and comes with a free app to describe your level of inebriation.

£149.99, Firebox

1Turn your phone into a personal trainer

The Tune Belt allows you to slip your phone into the holder and attach it to your arm. Start up your fitness app such as Nike+, MiCoach or Strava and get training in comfort, knowing your phone is tracking your every move without having to find a spare pocket or keep hold of it whilst you run.

£17.99, Mobile Fun

2Turn your phone into a sound system

The bang & Olufsen sound system connects wirelessly to your phone and will stream your music through it’s 8 inch bass unit powered by 160 watts and ¾ inch tweeters and 3 inch mid range units.

£1,699, Apple Store

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