8 mouthwatering Christmas puddings for your table

Even if you hardly ever eat dessert, you might still want an impressive pudding on your Christmas menu. You might normally go for something simple like a mince pie with a blob of double cream after your turkey, but why not splash out this year and buy a show-stopping dessert that will taste as good as it looks on your table? Whether you’re a big fan of traditional Christmas puddings, or you want something a little different for a change, here are some ideas to get your taste buds tingling even before the countdown has begun.

Marks and Spencer Christmas pudding

Marks and Spencer has a great Christmas pudding recipe on its website but, if that all seems like too much effort, M&S’ ready-made versions are consistently rated amongst the best around.

Heston from Waitrose Chocolate Bucks Fizz Swirl

What better combination than fizz and chocolate – especially at Christmas? This £13.49 cake serves eight and is guaranteed to cause a stir, thanks to its orange compote centre, Marc de Champagne-infused chocolate mousse and popping candy base.

Marks and Spencer rainbow layers cake

This £25 cake will make the perfect centrepiece on a fun Christmas table, where traditionalism has been abandoned in favour of having the best time ever.

Marks and Spencer chocolate and caramel dribble cake

You simply can’t have too much chocolate at Christmas, which is why there should be room on every table for this luxurious £30 cake.

If your mouth isn’t watering enough just by reading the name, think about this… It is made up of no less than four layers of decadent chocolate cake, bursting with salted caramel and chocolate ganache. Still not drooling? It’s covered in more ganache and dark chocolate and is decorated with lustred biscuit balls and liquid-centred caramel truffles. There you go!

Waitrose pear and chocolate tart

Not all Christmas meals are huge family affairs and this stylish-looking tart would make the perfect after-dinner treat for a small gathering. It’s meant to serve six and is made up of a chocolate pastry case packed with Williams pear halves, almond sponge and chocolate sauce. Yum!

Asda Extra Special Baked Lemon & Mascarpone Cheesecake

This £3 dessert is a refreshing alternative to stodgy puddings and chocolate-based treats. Perfect for a grown-up gathering.

Tesco Easy Entertaining 36 assorted mini cupcakes

For £13, you could enjoy, not only some delicious-tasting cakes, but also a super-sweet decorative addition to your Christmas table.

Sweetie surprise cake

If you’ve got youngsters coming for Christmas dinner they might not want a dessert packed with dried fruit. One packed with sweeties, however? Now that just might be a different matter. Put the sweetest smile on their faces for £35.