A charitable Christmas for 2011? The future looks bleak

The Guardian voluntary sector network today features an article I recently wrote that discusses about how charities need to branch out from traditional fundraising methods and revolutionise their revenue-sourcing to secure their future. We know it’s a tough time for charities at the moment and we hope they can work with their supporters and take advantage of the new fundraising initiatives available and make sure they don’t fall short this Christmas.

James Partridge, chief executive of Changing Faces told us: “There is no doubt at all from our experience in the last six months especially that, possibly due to the severe local authority grant cuts, there is increased competition within the sector for the available philanthropy, which is true for giving from individuals, corporates or charitable trusts. It’s a very uncomfortable scenario and one which is putting considerable pressure on Changing Faces and I believe for many other charities. As a result, we have to be very cautious in our budgeting, at a time when we believe we should be expanding our services.”
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