Argos’ Top Toys for Christmas 2016

Every year there are a select number of Christmas toys that will fly off the shelves! Yep that’s right, it’s that time of year again and we’ve got the low down on all the hot toys that kids want this year.

Argos have released what they think will be at the top of each kids Christmas list, and what they will be asking santa for this year…

So what could your kids be interested in this Christmas?


1. Zoomer Chimp, Spinmaster
(ages 5+)
Kids will go bananas for this fun robotic pet, boasting a host of life-like movements, voice command recognition and over 100 tricks – Including flips and dancing, has a moving mouth filled with teeth and will suddenly lie on its back and giggle hysterically.

2. VTech Toot Toot Drivers Goldmine
(ages 1-5)
Chunky, colourful and easy to click together, the goldmine features a motorised minetrain that chugs around the track and loads up with cargo. This trainset is going above and beyond the traditional one, by having a mine and drop chute.

3. BB8
(ages 3+)
This remote control BB8 is a pretty good choice if you have Star Wars fans in your family. It can roll in all directions and makes expressive droid sounds, but this loyal companion could replace the much-loved R2-D2 as the new favourite Star Wars robot.

4. Fisher Price Codeapillar
(ages 3-6)
If you wanted to buy your kids a pressie that can be both educational and fun – the codeapillar is probably your best choice. It can be mixed around to direct the Code-a-pillar to move in a certain direction or do an action – just like coding.

5. LEGO City Volcano
(ages 8-12)
It’s pretty hard to go through Christmas without buying at least one LEGO pressie for the kids – and the latest is a science fan’s dream. With 824 individual pieces, the second LEGO must-have for 2016 erupts with mobile operation vehicles, 6 mini-figures and the 13cm-high volcano itself.

6. Snuggles My Dream Puppy
(ages 4+)
No, mums and dads, this is not just any fluffy puppy, this puppy’s belly moved when he breathes and will even smile at you. This life-like but floppy puppy has the ability to nod its head, move its stomach while breathing and scrunch up its nose.

7. Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike
(ages 8+)
A new Nerf blaster that apparently has a new and improved setting, with three ways to blast. THREE different kinds of darts in the same blaster a sure fire way to end up with a foam missile to the head on Christmas afternoon.

8. Tiny Treasures Baby Doll
(ages 3+)
This is said to be the “most lifelike” baby doll and even weighted like a real newborn, who has a baby-perfumed smell, she also has a birth certificate, hospital tag and a cardboard car seat.

9. SelfieMic
(ages 8+)
Does your child like singing? Not content with simply taking selfies with a selfie stick, someone’s now invented a selfie mic so kids can create their own music videos. This one comes with a selfie stick and a pop-star-style earpiece and like many toys, it comes with an app too.

10. Design a Friend Tiffany
(ages 3+)
Your child can strut their doll Tiffany down the red carpet after dressing her up in her dress and glitter sandals. She comes with two different outfits – a T-shirt and jeans look, plus a full-on pink ballgown with clutch bag and gloves.

11. Paw Patrol Air Patroller
(ages 3+)
In kids’ fantasy worlds, this pet dog flies his own plane, if that wasn’t brilliant enough. The jet comes with lights and sounds too which the Air Patroller will lead to lots of noisy imaginative play. Comes with just one Robopup but he does get to fly the Patroller.

But remember to also help your chosen charity this festive season by shopping online via Give as you Live as every donation counts!