Be my anti-Valentine? 5 amazing anti-Valentine gifts

Ok, we’ve done the gushy 8 ways to share the love this Valentine’s Day but what about if you don’t have a Valentine? What if you don’t want one? Or what if you think it’s a commercialised holiday and want nothing more to do with it?


We have just the thing…


sculpt loverat card voodoo bfpillow

Sculpt your own Girlfriend/Boyfriend, £9.99, Present Finder

Creepy? We think not, create your perfect partner who will do exactly what you want.

Love Rat, £6.00, Urban Outfitters

Don’t worry, this little fella won’t go breaking your heart.

Dating site Anti Valentine’s card, £3.00

Don’t want them, tell them with a card, it will be much less of a blow…

Voodoo Ex-lover dolls, £6.99, I

For the rejected lovers and the women scorned, recover from the heartache with this Voodoo Doll made specifically for the ex lover.

Boyfriend arm pillow, £14.55, Amazon

Forever alone? Invest in your own squishy man to keep you warm on those lonely nights.