How to Beat Fundraising Fatigue in the Business World

Charities have benefited hugely from the boost in donations generated by the growth of online and social media, but this has also increased the potential for fundraising fatigue as people get tired of being asked for money.

A Different Approach

There is also a cluttered challenge event calendar to contend with. This is great if you want your employees to complete a triathlon every other weekend, but it can also create a challenging fundraising environment where it can be hard to come up with different solutions.

This is where Give As You Live can offer a fundraising method that is as easy at it is effective. It allows you to fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility goals in a way that fits in with the many other demands of your business.

This sort of fundraising means that you don’t need to be sending off your staff to swim the Channel or climb every peak in the world in less than a day. Instead, you can encourage your business, your workforce and your clients and customers to simply buy the things that are needed and raise money at the same time.

More Top Tips

It is not just your clients and customers who can start to feel the effects of fundraising fatigue. It can be hard to keep your team motivated if every other day seems to feature a cake sale or head shave.

There are some tips that you can follow to renew enthusiasm for making money for charitable causes and securing your company’s CSR strategy.

Take a Break

Don’t be afraid to take a break from traditional fundraising efforts every now and again. While shopping through Give As You Live is never a chore, sitting in a bath of baked beans or growing a beard can turn out to be just that.

Once the break is over, encourage your workforce to suggest their own fundraising ideas. It can often be a good idea for them to focus on their own interests. The office clubber may organise a danceathon, for example, or the resident chef might want to put on a Bake Off-type event.

Try Something New

Don’t get stuck in your fundraising ways. You might have organized the same sponsored walk for the last ten years, but that doesn’t mean it is the only way to make money for good causes. How about organising a race night or turning your office into a stylish bistro for the night – with the MD as the chef?

Become a Mastermind

Form what is known as a Mastermind Group, made up of business owners within similar industries, to share ideas on everything from fundraising to client retention. You could even combine forces to put on major fundraising events, sharing the profits among a selection of chosen charities.