Best Lego City Sets & Figures

The Lego brand is famous throughout the world for its sturdy, durable and endlessly fascinating interlocking plastic bricks. The word ‘Lego’ is formed from the Danish phrase for ‘play well’ which is ‘leg godt’ and has proved to be an excellent description of these universal bricks.

There can be few grown ups who haven’t spent numerous hours throughout their lives in assembling and constructing cars, houses and machines from Lego bricks, first as children and later as adults helping their own children, nephews, nieces and even grandchildren.

Originally developed by a Danish carpenter called Ole Kirk Christiansen, Lego has always been true to its company motto of ‘only the best is good enough’. That means using the best materials and the best designs, never skimping on manufacture or quality.

An ability to move with the times has helped the Lego brand to remain at the forefront of children’s toys. Themed sets have added value to the brand, making the bricks, models and figures relevant to every era, from farms and village scenes to futuristic science fiction versions.

Nowadays one of the most popular and relevant series of Lego toys is the Lego City selection of sets. Current, modern and offering endless permutations of play to today’s children, Lego City features scenes and themes which they understand and can relate to.

Lego City Sets offer children fantastic opportunities to explore and understand the modern world through a variety of themes. Emergency services are always of huge interest to youngsters and the Lego City series allows children to explore a world of fun and excitement, with a range of vehicles, building and figures which allow them to develop and inhabit their own personalised cityscapes.

With new sets appearing regularly, the Lego City series is also compatible with all other Lego products allowing a child’s imagination to run free for endless play possibilities.

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LEGO City Great Vehicles 60057: Camper Van


The LEGO City Great Vehicles 60057: Camper Van is ideal for setting up your LEGO game for the great outdoors. Enjoy a fun adventure with your smart and colourful Camper van. It’s ideal for driving to a sunny, tree-lined spot alongside a LEGO world river.

Take the canoe off the roof and get prepared for a day of exploring on the water. Don’t forget your life vests, which are included, or the paddle. Inside the spacious Camper van, you’ll find everything that your two included adventurer mini-figures need for a great night’s sleep, before the fun and games start all over again. For ages 5-12. Compare Prices >>


LEGO City 4201: Loader and Tipper


LEGO toys are a firm favourite with all age groups, and the LEGO City 4201: Loader and Tipper is bound to delight! This mining LEGO kit is designed for ages 5 to 12, and it has 139 creative pieces.

The loader and tipper are designed to transport gold from the mine – giving the miners help with their heavy work! There’s even a LEGO hatchet and dynamite, with timer, to help hunt out the hidden gold treasure in the mines… and two miner mini figurines are included. Look out for other great features such as the LEGO rock with two secret golden chunks hidden inside. Compare Prices >>


LEGO City Coast Guard 60014: Coast Guard Patrol


There are people stranded at sea, and the sharks are circling! Launch the Coast Guard Patrol and get to the rescue quickly. The floatable boat, submarine with propeller and helicopter with crew are all at the ready, complete with water cannons to scare those pesky sharks away!

There is tons of play value with this set. You’ll get water cannons, a submarine launcher and radio antenna, submarine, boat, helicopter, lighthouse with rocks and sharks and floatable dinghy. Six minifigures include coast guard crew members and the stranded couple. A few other essential accessories to make the rescue mission a success include life jackets and walkie-talkies. Compare Prices >>


LEGO City Police 60044: Mobile Police Unit


Let the children hunt down the robber with the help of their very own LEGO City Police 60044: Mobile Police Unit, complete with satellite dish, antenna, surveillance screens and handy mobile jail.

Just make sure that your youngsters keep a close eye on the two policemen who are included with the unit to make sure that they do not spend so much time drinking their coffee that they let the crook, who is also included, escape. Guaranteed to provide hours of imaginative fun, this is a must-have set for Lego enthusiasts young and old and another great item to add to a Lego City collection. Compare Prices >>


LEGO City Coast Guard 60012: 4×4 & Diving Boat


Let your children dive to the depths of their imagination with the LEGO City Coast Guard 60012: 4×4 & Diving Boat, which includes two vehicles, a rescue diver and a driver.

Children will love dressing up their Lego character in his diving gear and getting the driver to use the megaphone to bellow directions. The diver can use the walkie-talkie to keep in contact with the shore as he embarks on his heroic quest. The opportunities for exciting adventure are endless with a set that can make a welcome addition to a Lego City collection or be just as fun to play on its own. Compare Prices >>


LEGO City Airport 60021: Cargo Heliplane


The logs need to be transported to Lego City! Let’s shout for the giant twin rotor Lego City Cargo Heliplane to help. Unfasten the tough quad bike and take a ride into the forest to meet the lumberjacks who are working to prepare the logs for transportation. Help them to stack the logs ready to be towed to the plane. The pilot enjoys a quick cup of coffee, alongside his loyal dog. Then load the plane and let its powerful engines carry the logs away.

This exciting set includes three mini figures, 5 logs, storage box, dog, axe, grappling hook, safety headset, chain and two chainsaws. Compare Prices >>


LEGO City 4203: Excavator Transport


When a tough job needs doing, the mighty Excavator and Transport Truck can be relied upon to get it done. The Excavator can be loaded and unloaded from the Transport Truck and used for drilling and digging rocks. The articulated arm, detachable drill and rotating cabin and will make digging for rocks and gold easy.

As well as the Excavator and Transport Truck, you will get two mini-figure miners, two rocks with gold nuggets and plenty of accessories to get the job done, including dynamite, drill and bucket, pick axe and shovel. Digging is hard work, so the obligatory coffee cup is also provided! Compare Prices >>


LEGO City 60003: Fire Emergency


Fire! Will the brave Lego City firefighters save the day and stop the flames spreading? With a retractable hose and extendable, rotating ladder, the three firefighters work hard to extinguish the fire raging through an abandoned house.

Complete with retractable flames, a streetlamp and rubbish bin, the set also includes a number of other accessories, such as an axe and smoke diver equipment. The firefighters use their saw to cut through the door and reach the heart of the flames. As the hoses direct the water into the fire, turn the knob and watch as the flames die down. Another job well done! Compare Prices >>


LEGO City 60007: High Speed Chase


Lego lovers are on a fast and furious mission to stop the villain in his tracks, as he tries to escape in his super-charged sports car. Worry not, top cop, Chase McCain, is all geared up to catch the burglar with his Elite Police vehicle and Elite Police motorcycle.

Minifigures include the burglar, Chase McCain and a police rider. For the high-speed chase, you’ll get an Elite Police vehicle, motorcycle and a sports car. Exciting features include spike strip, barrier, traffic cone, money bills and a gold bar. A secret code gives you the chance to go on special missions in the LEGO City Undercover video game. Compare Prices >>