Book Yourself a Healthier Future

A health expert is urging people to really get to grips with the difference between dieting and healthy eating if they want to control their weight in the long term.

Almost every woman in Britain — and a lot of men — will have succumbed to a knee-jerk crash diet when they find their favourite jeans won’t fasten or a thoughtless comment hits home. Yet most will see the weight pile back on within months.


The wellness, fitness and health coach Joanne Henson says the key to losing weight and keeping it off is to change your diet forever, without depriving yourself of the treats you enjoy.

In the new book, What’s Your Excuse… For Not Eating Healthily? available from Amazon, she urges people to bin the excuses and gradually change their eating habits. She recommends you should eat healthily around 80 to 90 per cent of the time, but then use the calories left over on foods and treats you really enjoy.

Joanne recommends planning your meals in advance and being prepared to beat the cravings by carrying around healthy snacks.

Success, she says, is also about adopting the right mental attitude. Healthy eating should be seen as something positive, and you should not let your eating habits totally dominate your life. You won’t be much fun to be around if all you talk about is food and constantly turn down social invitations. Accept that you will never be perfect, and do not beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon every now and again.