Boxtrolls Are a Monster Hit Already


Every parent knows that their children are really the bosses of life, and movie makers are once again reaping the rewards of this as the new Boxtrolls movie hits the top of the UK box office chart.

The stop-motion 3D animated extravaganza took more than £2,000,000 in its first week, and the popcorn and sweet sellers probably pocketed just as much.

The film focuses on an orphaned boy who is raised Mowgli-style by a bunch of rubbish-collecting creatures. In fact, they are trolls and children across the land are already falling in love with their ugly little faces. The amount of Boxtrolls merchandise on the market is booming, ranging from stickers to books, and retailers are now even offering parents the chance to pre-book their copy of the DVD ready for when it is released on January 26, 2015. How many IOUs will there be in Santa’s sack this year?

The film stars Game of Thrones celebrity Isaac Hempstead-Wright as the voice of orphan Eggs, while Oscar-winner Ben Kingsley voices evil Archibald Snatcher, the pest exterminator who sets his sights on banishing the streets of Cheesebridge of the kind-hearted trolls.

Elle Fanning plays Winnie, a wealthy but adventurous girl who helps to bridge the gap between the posh Cheesebridge residents and their sewer-dwelling neighbours.

This film will have children talking about it for a long time to come, and their parents too, probably. There is certainly plenty of humour involved that will keep adults sufficiently amused and, hopefully, awake.