Brian the Snail: Day 1

Today Brian is in the Charlton Park Road area of London. Lloyd, dressed as Brian the Snail, crossed the start line for the London Marathon yesterday at 10.15am. Hours later, when most were crossing the finish line, Lloyd was just getting started. Over the next 26 days, Lloyd will crawl the 26 miles of the marathon route.

But how does someone crawl the London Marathon dressed as a snail? In Lloyd’s case it’s done with a sleigh like contraption. Each day, Lloyd lies face down on a board and uses his hands to pull himself forward on ski like rails. With each pull Lloyd has to move both his body weight and the weight of Brian’s shell. And with no wheels allowed, there’s no momentum to be gained. See the inner workings of Lloyd’s shell below:

The first day was both an exciting one and tough one. With bumps and humps and uneven surfaces, Lloyd struggled to heft Brian’s shell over even the smallest obstacles. And with no fresh air, it was quite uncomfortable inside that shell. But cheers from passersbys, photo ops from major media outlets and the sound of coins dropped into buckets all helped to lift Lloyd’s sprits.

Help us make sure Lloyd knows how much we appreciate what he’s doing for Action for Kids. We’ve set up a fundraising page for him and we’re asking all of our supporters to Give as you Live™ for Lloyd and Action for Kids.

If you see Brian crawling past, make sure to give him a pat on the shell, a kind word of encouragement and send us your photos of you with Lloyd, AKA Brian the Snail.

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    Giant Rabbit, Giant Fox, Giant Snail Appear In London | Londonist

    19 April, 2011 at 10:02

    […] Finally, Brian the Snail, an oversized gastropod with a penchant for fundraising, has completed the first mile of the London Marathon. The plucky mollusc was last reported in the Charlton Park area, hours after other athletes finished the race. Brian’s ponderous locomotion is provided by Lloyd Scott, the long-suffering marathon stalwart who previously completed the race in a deep-sea diver’s costume. He’s pushing for a mile a day over the 26-mile course. Support him here. […]

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    18 April, 2011 at 22:44

    Good Luck Brian, I started the marathon next to you…….but finished a bit sooner, and am pleased to see you will be slower than my very slow speed – keep going ! x

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