British Trust for Ornithology approach 50 shoppers

Since registering their involvement in the 25-shopper campaign back in March, the British Trust for Ornithology has seen their shopper numbers rise steadily week-on-week, and just five months later they are approaching the 50 shopper mark.

Our research has shown us that Give as you Live shoppers are worth on average £2.10 a month. With 50 shoppers combined with sending regular reminders to their supporters, BTO can hope to receive on average, an annual revenue amount of £1,260! This number will only increase as time goes on, as every shopper reaches their £50 target amount and beyond.

Increasing numbers of people are downloading Give as you Live each day – and because using it to shop and give to charity can fit easily into most daily routines, it means a secure, ongoing, and unrestricted revenue channel for all UK charities.

Rachel Gostling, Individual Giving Officer at the charity is impressed about how easily Give as you Live can fit into your everyday life. She uses it to book transport and order supplies for the office:

“Give as you Live is an easy way to support BTO. You just go about your shopping as normal and it raises vital funds to support our work looking out for birds. So many people now shop online so every penny adds up and makes a real difference.

“The £5 incentive for new shoppers has provided a means to encourage people to get started and once signed up it just becomes a habit to shop using Give as you Live.”

The best results we’ve seen come from charities who continue to mention Give as you Live to their supporters, just to keep the momentum going.

  • British Trust for Ornithology now has a total of 46 shoppers
  • A regular e-news is sent out to 50,000 supporters, where they have encouraged people to shop online.
  • They have a Give as you Live webpage live on their website
  • An in-house magazine is produced which has also featured Give as you Live
  • The charity has a Facebook tab live, so that fans can shop via Facebook
  • They also use Twitter to regularly promote Give as you Live. (Email me if you represent a charity and would like some ready-made updates to share!)

The British Trust for Ornithology is the UK’s leading bird research organisation, carrying out research and collecting information that forms the basis of conservation action in the UK. An exciting project by the BTO over the last year and a half has seen them satellite-tracking Cuckoos as they travel to Africa and back to the UK in order to understand why they are declining. You can find out where the Cuckoos are in the world now at Follow the link if you’d like to sign up and start shopping for British Trust for Ornithology.

BTO’s current goal is to push for more shoppers in the run up to Christmas. If you work for a charity, make sure your supporters shop online this Christmas and raise funds for your cause at no extra cost. You can access your Christmas for good marketing materials via the online toolkit at