Brits divided on gift spending this Valentine’s Day

London (8th February 2016) – More than a quarter of Brits (28%) who are in a relationship will spend nothing on their other halves this Valentine’s Day, according to new research by shopping website with a heart, Give as you Live.

Of those who do plan to buy gifts, the average spend sits at £13.90, with only 6% prepared to spend more than £50 on loved ones.

Average spend by region

London £20.95

Oxford £19.75

Glasgow £15.25

Sheffield £14.85

Edinburgh £14.60

Birmingham £14.30

Cardiff £13.55

Bradford £12.40

Liverpool £11.25

Manchester £11.00

Leeds £10.80

Norwich £10.55

York £9.95

Nottingham £9.60

Coventry £9.50

Southampton £8.25

Bristol £7.65

Belfast £6.90

Aberdeen £5.75

Among gift buyers, the big spenders are in London, with the average planned spend this year being £20.95, the highest in the country. Those spending the least are people in Aberdeen, with an average of £5.75 planned for Valentine’s Day gifts.

There will be wilting roses in York, which was revealed to be the least romantic city, with 42% of people in relationships saying they had no plans to buy anything for their partners on Valentine’s Day.

How Brits are celebrating Valentine’s Day

One in 10 (10%) 35 to 44-year-olds admitted they will try and find a new lover by spending Valentine’s Day on a first date from a dating app, like Tinder. Meanwhile, young love isn’t everything it seems, with 18 to 24-year-olds most likely to spend the day alone (23%).

The ladies are the least romantic this Valentine’s Day with nearly a third (32%) of women in a relationship planning to shun gift buying this year, compared to 23% of men in relationships. Of those who do buy gifts, men spend an average of £16.75 while women spend just £10.80 on average.

Despite the low spending, almost half (49%) of Brits will spend Valentine’s Day with a significant other. Cupid hasn’t struck everyone though, as one in five say they’re choosing to spend it alone (18%) and a further fifth say they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day (19%).

Greg Hallett, Managing Director, Give as you Live commented, “It’s a shame some people are choosing not to buy gifts for their loved ones this Valentine’s Day, but for those who do – it’s the thought that counts, regardless of the amount. For those wanting to put a little extra thought into their gifts this year, sites such as allow shoppers to buy from over 4,000 retailers while also raising a free donation for the charity of their choice. It’s a great way to share the love this Valentine’s Day.

“The digital landscape gives so many opportunities to us all, whether it’s online dating or giving to good causes across the UK. Gifts bought through will be an extra special gesture for charities close to shoppers’ hearts this Valentine’s Day.”

These results come from a survey by Give as you Live of over 2,000 people across the UK, who were asked about their Valentine’s Day plans.