Caught in the Skylander’s Trap

The makers of the Skylanders game are certainly not daft. Christmas is here again and there’s yet another reinvention and another need to buy a whole new set-up. Your first instinct may be to scrub Trap Team from your kids’ wish lists — they’ve already got both Giants and SWAP Force, after all — but before you do, consider this one major fact: this one is likely to keep them entertained for hours.

The uninitiated parent might think that the Trap Team Starter Pack and all the kit that goes with it is nothing new, but kids will certainly beg to differ. This is the first chance they’ve had to actually catch the monsters they’ve been chasing for years. Now what heartless parent could deny them that opportunity?

They’ll love being able to use their Traptainium Portal to capture the baddies before getting them to do what they want. It’s not the most challenging of adventure games for adults, but then it’s not supposed to be. Kids, however, will be swept away with the action, helped along by decent voice acting and great quality visuals.


The Starter Pack will get the kids on the road to adventure, featuring Skylander Food Fight and Trapmaster Skylander Snap Shot, but it won’t be long before they’re begging for more characters such as the Elite Chop Chop and the always popular Elite Spyro.

They’ll also probably want some more traps, no doubt, but these aren’t that expensive at under £15 and come in Trap Triple Packs. They can use their old SWAP Force and Giants characters too, although kids being kids that probably won’t stop them asking for more.

Overall, however, this is not bad value for money, especially given that there is so much for youngsters to do. There are lots of mini-game side-quests to keep them entertained and, once captured, they can also send their baddies to complete their own small quests.

There’s also a tower defence mini-game, known as the Kaos Doom Challenge, and the chance for parents to get involved to help kids through tricky moments without the need to ever snatch the controller away.

The game is available for a wide range of different consoles, so it is sure to be a hit when it lands in countless stockings this Christmas Eve. Just remember, though, that its appeal will probably only last 12 months — there’s sure to be yet another Skylander offering this time next year.