Christmas gifts for under £5

Getting this year’s top Christmas presents is one thing, but what about the stocking fillers? Or secret Santa? Shopping for the smaller gifts can be just as fun as the bigger, more expensive ones. Setting the secret Santa budget for £5 makes the task even more challenging, and that paired with the likelihood of picking the colleague you know the least about, can make for an embarrassing time at the office Christmas party! Hopefully our research will get you started with a few ideas. Our top 10 gifts for under £5 are listed below, and there are even more to choose from over on Pinterest. All of course will raise funds for your favourite charity when bough through Give as you Live.


TV trivia (90s)

OK, charades might be free, but this 90s TV trivia game is less than five pounds and contains 100 questions – perfect to keep everyone entertained after dinner. One reviewer said: “Got this as a stocking filler for my son, the cards came out on Christmas afternoon and we had a laugh trying to remember the answers to the questions. Good fun for anyone who watched TV in the 90s, reminds you of the classic and not-so-classic programs that filled our screens back then.” We do think some of the questions may be weighted more towards American TV programs, so make sure you know your Ted Danson from your Dr Quinn.


A pencil… and a catapult?! Turn into Dennis the Menace with this catapencil, the perfect accessory for school (or the office). We thought it might be more feline than projectile, but apparently that’s one invention that’s still on the drawing board. Again, it’s a Christmas present that’s less than five pounds, so hey – you can afford to buy one for the whole family. It’s the gift that keeps on giving as it raises 24p for charity. One reviewer on said: “The pencil itself is a soft nib, slightly greyer than a typical pencil but still a decent pencil. That Catty side of it is pretty strong, (the stick) and the elastic itself is fairly hard-wearing… Good deal, non lethal as long as you’re using common sense and using it for good fun.” Non-lethal: excellent.


Cookie cutter and recipe pack

Has a loved one been watching the Great British Bake-Off? Or are they just find of biccies? Looking for that perfect baking gift, but looking to spend less than five pounds? This cookie cutter and recipe pack takes the biscuit. It’s not just perfect for people who love to bake, it makes a very thoughtful stocking-filler. Gift wrapping is available and the gift can even be personalised. If you go for that option you’ll have to pay a slightly higher price – but that’s the way the cookie crumbles, we guess. Um, crumbs.


Wind up space hoppers

These Space Hoppers are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but that doesn’t mean they have less bounce than their bigger brothers and sisters. Bounce back to 1971 with these fantastically retro Wind up Space Hoppers! Perfect to jazz up a desk at work. Over on Amazon, reviewer Miranda said: “My kids got these for Christmas and thought they were very funny hopping up and down. Nice little retro toys. When reviewing I was asked to rate their educational value and durability. I suppose when they break they can be dissected!”

Head Massager

If you know someone who needs some relaxation time, this head massager is the perfect gift. Can you put a price on relaxation? Apparently you can – and at under five pounds, you could even get one for the cat. On second thoughts, maybe not. Here’s another review from from a very happy and relaxed customer: “I am pleased with this purchase. I bought it for my my mother as a Christmas gift and she was very pleased with it. A friend had one and said it was a very good head massager, so I thought that my mother would like it and she did. I would buy it again and am pleased with the whole experience – very relaxing.” You can also relax in the knowledge that although it costs under £5, this cheap gift still raises 24p for charity.

Vanilla fudge box

Is a member of your family a fan of fudge? Yes? Why, then this is the perfect gift for under a fiver. Toys and trinkets may or may not get used on Xmas day, but you can bet that this little box of deliciousness will get demolished in less time than it takes to set the Queen’s speech to record.Treat someone special to this tasty vanilla fudge, made with real clotted cream. Mm – all that buttery, sugary, sweet deliciousness. We don’t have a product review for this one so we think you should probably test it out for yourself first – just to be sure you’re giving people something they’ll like. After all, it is a Christmas present that’s less than five pounds.


Origami sticky note pad

You still have much to learn about the ancient art of paper folding, grasshopper. These origami sticky notes will make day-to-day tasks at work more fun for a loved one. You can exercise your mind and discover the Japanese art of paper folding, with ten different models to make. Or why not treat yourself? The next time you need to remind your colleague of something simply write it on one of these, then turn it into a pigeon to fly across the desk. The perfect gift for a creative mind, who you’d like to treat to a thoughtful little gift… but without breaking the bank. Also a fantastic stocking filler for kids. For less than a fiver, we don’t think you can really go wrong with this cheap little present.


Know someone who keeps their face buried in the phone all day long? Perhaps a fan of the outrageously successful Angry Birds? Tempt them to raise their head from out of their phone for a few seconds this Christmas when you treat them to some old-fashioned jigsaw-come-logic-problem mayhem. Best of all, this present is less than a fiver. This “annoying bird” impossipuzzle is good gift for anyone who likes a challenge. And the good news is it’s not actually impossible. There are different styles of birds repeated over and over across this fiendishly complex and perplexing problem – enough to bewilder and boggle the brainiest of kids. We think this 100-piece puzzle is ideal for a rainy day. So that will be Christmas day, then.

Owl lip balm

Get heads turning (but hopefully not 360 degrees) with these cute little owl lip balms come in four different flavours (chocolate, apple, caramel and cinnamon). They will fit nicely into a handbag or pocket, so can be taken everywhere. Aw, look at those cute little owls. They’re, um – a real hoot! We think they’d make a great little stocking filler for all the ladies in the family. Oh, and owls can actually only turn their heads 270 degrees. What a disappointment. One Amazon reviewer said: “Sweet little item, perfect as a stocking filler. Good quality lip gloss fragrance is really strong. As well as being fun I can highly recommend this lip gloss.” And they’re less than £5!




Show the world that size doesn’t matter as you take care of everyday problems with the six amazing tools in this MicroTool kit. It’s robust, compact and lightweight so you can attach it to your belt, rucksack or keyring. It includes a bottle opener, screwdriver, file, knife, nail cleaner and scissors. The MicroTool also weighs less than 15g, so it’s not going to weigh any pockets down with its usefulness. At £4.49, the MicroTool is exactly the man-gift you need if you’re looking for Christmas gifts for £5 and under. Just remember never to mock a man’s MicroTool – that’s just not on.


Christmas gifts for less than five pounds

And so our odyssey of oddments for less than a fiver draws to a close for 2012. Was there a cut-price present or cheap stocking filler we missed? Let us know below.