Compassion in World Farming Case Study


Compassion in World Farming campaigns to end cruel factory farming. With an email list of 91,000, Compassion in World Farming were keen to share Give as you Live with their supporters to help turn their online shopping into additional funds to help the plight of farm animals in need.

Over the past months Compassion in World Farming have:

  • Included Give as you Live in their e-newsletters
  • Added a Give as you Live shopping tab to their Facebook page
  • Included Give as you Live in Farm Animal Voice – their offline supporter magazine
  • Promoted Give as you Live to their staff

Compassion in World Farming have found the best results through their e-newsletters, with nearly 1,000 of their supporters signing up to Give as you Live. With each shopper worth £25 per year in additional, unrestricted funds, if all 1,000 people were to shop online with Give as you Live this year, Compassion in World Farming could raise an additional £25,000.

“Give as you Live is a fantastic way for us to earn more from each of our supporters without asking anyone to give more. It’s simple to include Give as you Live in our e-newsletters and we are seeing more and more people signing up. I would recommend Give as you Live to any charity looking to raise more.”

Sophie Baden
Direct Marketing Co-ordinator