Cycling from Lands End to John O Groats is a sure bet to raise funds for Dogs Trust

Name: Geoff Oldham
Profession: Manager of Betting Shop
Location: Manchester
Bio: I am the Manager of a Betting shop in Manchester; I live with my Wife and my second love, my dog called Jazz.

My Give as you Live Experience:
I have recently cycled the LEJOG route, which is Lands End to John O Groats. After cycling the near 1,000m route I had raised a decent amount for the Manchester Dogs Home, and McMillan Nurses… and also had a rather painful saddle sore!! The ride took 11 days, and we averaged 90 miles a day. I loved the cycle, it was one of the best experiences of my life and it had so many highs and lows.

I also loved raising the money for charity; I had definitely caught the cycling “bug” and wanted to do something similar again. The only problem was asking people for money again, even though it’s for a good cause, were all going through difficult times with the recession, and I felt guilty about asking for more sponsorship. So I had decided that if I did do another ride, I probably wouldn’t be able to raise any more money for charity.

It was around this time I had heard of Give as You Live, a way I could raise money for charity, without having to give, or ask for it. I had a look around Give as you Live, and saw that Wiggle were one of the shops on it, which was brilliant as that was one of the main stores I use to buy my cycle clothing. The were also a few other cycle shops on Give as you Live, so I could have a look around for the best price.

So, I went on to buy a padded pair of cycling shorts that will hopefully help keep the saddle sore away next time!!! The purchase raised about £1 for the Dogs Trust, which although isn’t a huge amount, it will soon add up with a few online shopping sprees.

The best thing was it didn’t interrupt my shopping “experience” at all, it was exactly the same way I have always shopped. I have since told family and friends about the Give as you Live, so hopefully the Dogs Trust may raise a little more!