Drunk Alert Feature for Facebook

A lot of you will have posted pictures on Facebook or the like after one too many, only to be mortified the next morning by what you’ve done. The sight of your bottom may have seemed hilarious at 3am, but in the office at 9am, when your colleagues are nudging each other and laughing, it may not seem that funny at all.

Then there are those photos that your friends so ‘helpfully’ decide to post. The ones of you having an impromptu nap in a nightclub or feeling a little queasy on the bus ride home. The ones that you just know are going to cause a row when seen by your other half or, worse still, your mum or dad.

Those embarrassing days may be less frequent in the future, however, as tech geniuses are working on software that will help stop drunken and unflattering photos being posted.

The clever system, using both artificial intelligence and image recognition, would be able to decide whether pictures were ‘drunk’ or ‘sober’ and would then ask the user whether they really want their mum or boss to see the snap.

The plan for the drunk filter was announced by Yann LeCun, Facebook’s head of its research lab specialising in artificial intelligence. LeCun told Wired magazine that he hoped that a digital assistant for Facebook users could be created.

This, it is believed, could also be used to identify images that have been uploaded without your having given your permission.

This may seem like an ‘out there’ idea, but think about it: Facebook already uses image recognition that allows you to tag photos, and it is already combining this with artificial intelligence more and more.

LeCun said the artificial intelligence was already used to analyse Facebook behaviour to allow news feeds to show the right type of content. Now there are moves to enable status text to be analysed in order to allow relevant hashtags to be suggested. The future is already here!