Eating Disorders Awareness Week with BEAT!

This week is Eating Disorders awareness week and here at Give as you Live we’re supporting all the charities raising awareness for this serious public health concern.

About Eating Disorders:

There are different types of eating disorders out there – like bulimia, binge eating disorder or anorexia are serious illnesses that involve extreme emotions, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding food, exercise, and body image.

Over 725,000 men and women in the UK are affected by eating disorders. They can affect all kinds of people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, sexuality, or background.

How can BEAT help?

They will be working to raise awareness of these serious mental illnesses, by focusing on the importance of getting people into treatment as quickly as possible and the vital roles that GPs play, as well as the people in the sufferer’s life, such as friends and family.

Useful tips courtesy of BEAT:

  • The first warning signs will most likely be psychological or relate to the person’s behaviour.
  • The BEAT charity hopes that people know what to look for, they’ll be able to spot an eating disorder long before physical symptoms emerge, and be able to help the person get treatment before the thoughts and feelings causing the eating disorder become ingrained.
  • Increase understanding that eating disorders are serious mental illnesses, and not a choice the sufferer makes.
  • Visit the GP as soon as possible as they will understand if there is a need for referral.
  • Guidance from friends or family members
  • Pick up a leaflets to really understand what a family member could be going through.

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