FAQs – Received a cheque from us?

Why have we received this cheque?

Someone, somewhere, has come across Everyclick and decided to use its products to generate income for your charity.  We do not believe in holding onto funds until charities chase for them, and so have pulled together a one-off cheque run for all of the charities, owed more than £5, that have not been successfully paid by BACS.

Who is Everyclick Ltd?

We are a Social Enterprise, and the brains behind the award-winning product Give as You Live. We develop software to help charities increase revenue using the online environment.  All of our products are free to supporters, and Everyclick does not take any fees from the charities we assist.  To find out more about how Everyclick can help your charity specifically, please go to our charity information page.

How have supporters been able to find us on your site if we don’t know who you are?

We list every UK charity and HMRC-recognised good cause, provided they are registered with the Charities Trust.  It is not necessary for a charity to sign up with us directly.  If an Everyclick user wants to support a charity that is listed on our site, we will do our utmost to contact that charity and pass on all income generated as quickly as possible.

How is Charities Trust involved?

Charities Trust is our payment partner.  They also help collect the credit card donations made through our site and gather any eligible gift aid from the HMRC.

How has this income been generated?

The revenue may be from several different sources.  Everyclick Search and Give as You Live are direct Everyclick Products, generating income from third party affiliates, in a similar manner to ‘Nectar’ or ‘Compare the Market’.  Supporters may also make donations to the public charity page or to specific fundraising pages for supporters who are gathering sponsorship.

Can we get breakdown information on the payment?

Yes.  We have a variety of reports available in the charity admin pages on both payments and supporter activity.  We will need a nominated charity representative to sign up as administrator.  Please be aware they must pass a basic security check to verify that they are part of the charity before we can grant access. 

Once in the admin area the administrator can grant limited or full access to other charity representatives, update charity information, run reports, customise the homepage, access the fundraising support toolkit and add news content.

Does Everyclick usually pay by cheque?

No.  This is a one-off cheque run.  Our standard payment method is BACS and we request the charity bank details as part of the administrator sign-up process, as it fulfils a security check as well as making sure we can successfully pay across any monies generated every time we release a pay-run (on or around the 15th of every month).  Please be assured our website is fully secure.

Is Gift Aid included in the payment?

It depends on the source of the revenue.  In either case, the charity does not need to approach HMRC regarding collecting Gift Aid on this income.

Supporters using our software are invited to add Gift Aid to any donations made by credit card.  HMRC then confirm with Charities Trust whether or not that supporter is an eligible UK taxpayer.  If these criteria have been fulfilled, then Gift Aid is paid across to the charity. 

Gift Aid is not available on ‘Everyclick Search’ or ‘Give as you Live’ revenue as the income is not a direct donation from the supporter.  With clicksearching, they have not spent any money at all, simply searched the web and generated 0.1p per search via our Yahoo generated search engine.  With Give as you Live, the product they bought via online shopping would cost the same regardless of whether they used our software, we have an agreement with the retailer that they will donate a portion of any online purchase made via our software, and so there is actually no individual supporter donation on which to request Gift Aid.

How can Everyclick help us generate further income?

The income generated from ‘Everyclick Search’ and ‘Give as you Live is unrestricted.  Our engaged shoppers earn on average £2.10 per month, using the more than 2,500 leading retailers signed up with us.  We provide you with tools and support to make spreading the word to your supporters easy, they download our app and go shopping, then we collect the money from the retailers, and pass it to you.  It’s that simple.  Christmas shopping is just around the corner so it could provide a welcome boost to your cause, and remember, it’s a free service to both the supporter and the charity.  Everyclick does not take fees, our income is provided via the retailers.

If you want to know more, why not register online to join in with our free webinar, held every Friday at 11am.  Alternatively, you can contact us directly.

So we won’t be charged anything at all?

Everyclick Ltd does not charge fees.  As a social enterprise, we share at least 50% of our income from the retailers with charities.  All the percentages published on the site are 100% for the charity, and this is passed in total to Charities Trust.  Charities Trust themselves do levy a small admin fee on making payments, between 4% – 4.8% depending on the revenue source, which is highly competitive with other charity giving organisations.

I’ve seen a similar piece of software to GAYL with another organisation.  What makes Everyclick different?


  • Our software is designed to cover a wide range of browsers and technology, so shoppers can use it however they shop online, and we are currently working on expanding that range.  The software is currently being configured for release on smartphones and mobiles. Once signed into GAYL, shoppers stay signed in unless they clear their cookies.  This means they don’t have to go back through the Everyclick pages every time they want to go to a new site.  Just search as per normal.
  • Our unique browser extension is unobtrusive and takes up minimal space on the browser page, sitting just below the address bar.  However, it allows shoppers to check at a glance if they’re signed in, to sign in if they’re not, provides store information on what is donated by the site they’re currently visiting, lets them access their account and has a help option.   They also have the option to switch it off if they really want to.  The extension is available on several browsers already and is being configured for imminent release on the remaining major browsers.
  • We provide price comparison results, so shoppers can be certain that they’re not only helping a charity, they’re getting the best deal available for themselves as well.
  •  Our more than 2,500 retailer base is already pretty impressive, many of whom are leading names, and we’re always working on increasing this number to give shoppers the best choice possible.  We maintain our database vigilantly, so shoppers can be confident that the retailers they select are active and committed to supporting their cause.
  • We provide reports on shopper activity, letting you know where your shoppers have been shopping, how many times they have shopped, how much they have raised, etc.  At the same time we do offer shoppers anonymity if they do not wish to be contacted.  The charity will still receive the information; they just won’t see the name or contact details for that supporter.
  • We offer a wide range of marketing material covering email, web, social media, print and even bespoke for those with a track record of commitment.
  • Payment is monthly via BACS.  Our minimum payment threshold is £0.94
  • We currently have just under 55,000 facebook likes and more than 3,500 twitter followers, and these numbers continue to increase on a daily basis.

We are often asked what makes us better.  The answer we give is simple.  Try both us and the alternatives, and then choose who you think can help your charity the most.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

To get in touch, please call 0800 883 8450.