The Farm Animal Sanctuary

About The Farm Animal Sanctuary

The Farm Animal Sanctuary has been caring for animals for over 25 years. It all started when Founder Janet saved a mistreated lamb from a local sheep auction. The lamb survived hypothermia, dehydration as well as a severe gut infection. Janet took the fragile lamb under her care and gave the lamb a life that was deserved; the lamb grew strong and lived an amazing 15 years.
Janet Taylor and her small team of extremely dedicated individuals currently care for over 600 Farm animals and birds. From hens to horses it costs the Sanctuary over £2,500 a week to care for these animals.

Each and every penny raised goes towards supporting The Farm Animal Sanctuary, to home and care for unwanted, abandoned and ill-treated farm animals, as well as other animal groups.
With the help of donations, The Farm Animal Sanctuary have manage to raise over £59,500.00 through Give as you Live to help restore and fulfil these animals’ lives.
Colin is a resident of the Sanctuary. He is a two year old pig who was bought as a wedding present when he was a small piglet. Colin was fortunately saved from being sent to the slaughter house and has made himself at home at The Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Colin eats his way through 1 bag of pignuts every 2 weeks, in cash that translates to £8.25, just 59 pence a day. Just a small donation of £1 can help towards the cost of Colin’s food for almost 2 days.

During the winter months the animals eat their way through £1550 of hay a week and £1000 of hard coarse mix, corn, barley and horse feed.
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