Are we fibbing about giving? One in ten take part in charitable challenges but don’t donate

ice-bucketOne in ten (11%) of us have taken part in a charity challenge, such as the ALS ice bucket challenge or #nomakeupselfie, and didn’t donate!

  • Scotland are the most charitable with only 1% admitting to not donating post-challenge
  • Londoners are the worst with close to a fifth (23%) doing a challenge and then not donating.

In the gender stakes, men are marginally better at ensuring they donate, with 9% admitting to not donating post-challenge, compared to 11% of women.

  • One in ten have also knowingly put foreign money into a charity tin.
  • 6% have lied to friends and family about how much money they’ve donated to charity in the past year.

    A fifth of Brits post about their charitable work and donations on social media sites.

    The main reason for sharing charity endeavours online is to generate more publicity for the charity, stated 81% of Brits. However, a quarter (24%) admit they use social media to boast about how charitable they are.

    Steff Lewis, Head of Consumer Insights at Give as you Live, commented: “Oh dear, it appears many of us have taken a leaf out of Pinocchio’s book and have rather large noses when it comes to telling the truth about how charitable we are. Honestly speaking, supporting charity needn’t be difficult, or even cost you any money. For example, shopping via a site like ours – – means online shoppers can raise a free donation for the charity of their choice.”

    These results come from a survey of 1,198 people across the UK, who were asked about their giving habits. Commissioned by Give as you Live.