Find Your Home on the Minecraft Map


As if the world of Minecraft was not in-depth enough already, a map of the UK has now been upgraded so you should actually be able to find your own house on it.

The original version of the Minecraft UK map was made by the Ordnance Survey and used 22 billion blocks to re-create 86,000 square miles of the UK. The upgraded version features an incredible 83 billion blocks, and each one represents 25 miles of Britain. The OS is now planning to feature an interactive map on the company’s main webpage, which will help people to get the co-ordinates for their homes to then use on the Minecraft map.

For the uninitiated, Minecraft is a block-busting video game where players can build and share worlds of adventure. It is available in a huge range of formats, including a game for the Xbox 360.

The original Minecraft UK map was created last year. It was formed in just a fortnight by Joseph Braybrook, who was an intern at the time. He also created the updated version, although fairly unsurprisingly given his talent, he is an OS employee nowadays.

The latest version has been doubled in scale and features everything from computer-generated trees to local roads. The OS has vowed to make it available for free download so everyone can have a go.

The map is yet another achievement for those involved with a game that has so taken the world by storm that makers Mojang recently sold it to Microsoft for £1.5 billion.