The First Holiday with Your Little One: Ten Things to Expect

That first holiday with your little one is both an exciting and daunting prospect. How will they cope with the change of scene and routine? Here are ten things to expect on your first family holiday, and how to prepare for them.

  • Expect Plans to Fall Apart

Don’t expect to cram in all the things you might like to do, because everything moves at a slower pace with a little one in tow. Your child might need a day off from walking here and there, which is why a few family board games for lazy afternoons are a good idea – try something like Snakes and Ladders which you can buy from Argos.

  • Extra Packing

Because they’re out and about more and maybe doing more ‘messy’ activities than they would at home, make sure you’ve packed plenty of changes of clothes. Invest in new summer outfits if possible, such as these versatile t-shirts from Matalan and Asda. That should cover dripping ice creams!

  • Bedtime Battles

Over-stimulation during the day coupled with an unusual bedroom could create bedtime battles. Try to stick to your usual routine as best as possible and ensure they’re surrounded by familiar cuddly toys. You might also want to pack a nightlight (available at Debenhams) for them to fall asleep with or for when they wake in the night.

  • Meal Disasters

Whether you’re holidaying in Britain or abroad, there may be a fuss over food. Perhaps they’re trying new things or you’re taking them to a restaurant for the first time and the menu isn’t to their liking – try to research the best places to eat with small kids in advance.

  • Travel Turmoil

By car or by plane, expect disruption. Try to make sure they’re as comfy as possible with a travel pillow and blanket, such as this one from Halfords.

  • Temper Tantrums

This is all very new for them. Expect them to kick off more than usual at relatively minor things which wouldn’t normally bother them. Just make sure you have plenty of distraction techniques lined up!

  • Take the Pushchair

Even if your child is a strong walker, there will be times when they’re flagging and you’re still miles from the car or hotel. It might be worth investing in a travel system for such occasions – This can be found at Kiddicare.

  • Pack a Rug

Take a picnic rug with you which you can whip out whenever you need it – particularly useful if your child is still crawling.

  • Plenty of Fluids

Children get dehydrated much faster than adults, so always carry some juice cartons. A decent Thermos is always handy for water – Shop at John Lewis >>

  • Battling Boredom

This is meant to be exciting, right? There will be plenty of fun, but there will also be plenty of travelling and maybe even rainy days stuck in your hotel or self-catering place. Pack things like Top Trumps or Connect four both from Toys R Us, which can easily be put out and packed away as the need arises.

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