Get the vintage look with LED bulbs

If you cast your eyes across any decadent basement bar in the heart of London’s Soho Square or Manchester’s Northern Quarter, you’re likely to come across the most unassuming of tributes to timeless vintage decor: the filament light bulb.

While unlikely to steal admiring glances away from the industrial shelving or chapel chairs that you proudly procured from some secluded charity shop, the filament light bulb still provides the perfect accompaniment to caged lampshades and suspended drop lights. When used to complement retro-surroundings, suddenly the bulb becomes a testament to urban chic. And, dare I say, fashionable.

The look itself is derived from the original Edison bulbs of the early 20th century. While this used to be a style solely reserved for incandescent lamps that were unapologetically inefficient, you can now get the classic look with energy-conscious LED bulbs.

The concept and components are almost identical, with vertical filaments attending a central pillar, all of which is on show when turned on. And with a warm white colour, the cosy rustic glow that’s symptomatic of Edison’s originals is recreated.

As LED bulbs become increasingly popular the range of designs available have expanded. Now you can purchase retro-bulbs in multiple shapes, such as; globe, candle and flame tipped, and the price of running them is a tenth of an incandescent equivalent.

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