Give as you Live Case Study – Born Free Foundation


Charity name: Born Free Foundation

Charity representative name: Helen Usher

How has working with our products helped your charity?

We have been lucky enough to be involved in all 3 aspects of the Give as you Live service and all are of great support to our charity objectives, enabling us to maximise our income, engage new supporters in our work, acquire new data, and making cost savings at the same time!

How do you promote Give as you Live to your supporters?

We have devised a campaign to promote the Sainsbury’s incentive which includes linking the message with one of our needy animals – a young elephant calf called Ewok. He acts as the face of the campaign alongside our President Will Travers who has also fronted a video to push Everyday Shopping Card. We are hoping this video alone will help us increase response further when we share it through Born Free digital channels.

What communication channels have you used to promote these products?

We have marketed both Give as you Live incentives and the Sainsbury’s promotion through all appropriate channels both offline and online, to both new and existing supporters. These include promoting through our social media channels, sending dedicated emails to our supporter base, adding adverts and editorials in our in-house magazines, banners to our emails and adding dedicated pages to our website.

I feel the most successful sign-up has been achieved with the sending of a dedicated branded email to our supporters, and one that has a specific message to help a certain animal or in relation to a certain time of year such as Christmas.

Do you think other charities would benefit from fundraising using our products?

Very much so, Give as you Live provide means of raising funds and gathering new supporters that would otherwise not have the incentive to give. These are typically online people who would not normally make a direct donation, though now they can at no extra cost to themselves. Furthermore, the Sainsbury’s promotion means that this same message can now be promoted offline for the first time!

“The support provided by Give as you Live and the Sainsbury’s Everyday Shopping Card is second to none and is ever expanding: We are also now looking to make savings through their print management services. We could not be more grateful for their continued guidance and dedication to helping us raise funds and engage new supporters in the work of Born Free. I am excited to take the partnership forward in 2015!” – Helen Usher, Born Free Foundation