Give as you Live gets reviewed, within the blogosphere…

Give as you Live is making headlines

You may have read all about Give as you Live in the press recently, but we’ve also been subject to some coverage in blogs. Lots of people have been trying Give as you Live out for themselves, from fashion and beauty writers, to bloggers covering lifestyle and philanthropy.

But what have they made of it? And now they’ve tried it, would they recommend it to their readers, family and friends?

Here’s some of their feedback, and links to the full articles.


 Give as you Live blogging round-up for October – November

“Many stores I use all of the time participate” – Florence Finds
Rebecca at Florence Finds has and put together a gift list for her family.

“Marrying consumerism and philanthropy” – James Gurd, Econsultancy

James explores the social responsibility angle, and explains how it works. Read more here.


“A guilt-free shopping scheme” – Belles Boutique
Laura at Belles Boutique has taken some things from her own wish list, and listed them along with the stores they can be bought from. She’s all signed up and ready to shop.

“Check out Give as you Live and make your shopping count” – Nurture Store
Nurture store encourages people to sign up when shopping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, as well as for Christmas (of course). Read more here.

“I’ll definitely be doing a lot more of my buying like this” – Milkteef
Milkteef describes her love of shopping and was impressed with the concept. She shares some top items that she has her current wish list. Read more here.

“Sign up for Give as you Live, it’s really easy” – A baby on board
Gill at a baby on board has selected a range of cute Christmas costumes for babies that can be bought through Give as you Live. read more here.


“Time to remind you once again” – Get Lippie
Get Lippie wrote about us last Christmas, so this post is a reminder to all of her readers to shop for good this Christmas. Read more here.


“A really simple, really clever notion” – The Womens Room
The Women’s Room suggest that Christmas shoppers try Give as you Live this year. They also explain about their chosen charity, Kids company. Read more here.

“The perfect antidote to an over-indulgent Christmas” – Beauty and the Dirt
Beauty and the dirt tried and tested Give as you Live, by buying some items from their own shopping list. Read more here.

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