Give As You Live strikes again for Aviation Without Borders

Name: Justin Weik
Profession: Sales Executive
Location: Wimbledon
Bio: I’m a private pilot living and working in London. I enjoy live music, travelling, theatre, sport and the occasional pub crawl!

My Give as you Live Experience:
I just wanted to share another fantastic experience with Give as you Live! I was booking a hotel for a leisure and business trip and remembered that by booking on, a portion of my booking would go toward my favourite charity – with a little help from Give As You Live.

To my surprise, my booking resulted in a £16 donation to Aviation without Borders! What a great feeling.

When booking or ordering anything online I find myself trying to find a site that is supported by GAYL (thanks to the app), so I can help Aviation without Borders.

Because I work long hours in the office and am unable to physically support my passion for aviation, the Give As You Live app allows me to still support my passion in my day-to-day life. I can’t wait until Give As You Live is available globally so I will be able to spread the word about Give As You Live worldwide!