Give as you Live’s Donor Survey in the press

Give as you Live’s donor survey, polling over 8,000 online charity donors, is beginning to hit the press. Here’s some of the recent coverage:

Donors still lack confidence in digital giving, survey finds


“Digital giving channels are playing an increasingly important role in inspiring donations, but donors do not feel confident enough to give significant amounts of money through them, according to a survey of online charity supporters.

Give as you Live, a platform that enables online shoppers to donate to charity using money from the retailers’ marketing budgets, asked 8,000 online donors about their charitable giving habits and how they spend time online.

“The results, published today in its Digital Donor Review, show that only 5 per cent of charitable donations are made through sites such as Facebook and Twitter, despite 30 per cent of respondents saying they were inspired to give by social media”

30% of charity supporters inspired by social media to give, says Give as you Live


“Levels of interaction with charities using social media is high: 50% of respondents follow their favourite charities on Facebook and 20% follow them on Twitter.

“Give as you Live used the data with ACORN profiling to produce six distinct digital donor profiles, giving each of them a name. Their report then looks at how these different types of donors interact and give to charities using social media, which are more likely to use particular tools like smartphones, and which shop online more than others.”

Give as you Live survey finds social media inspires giving

charity-digital-news“The report found that the main reason for visiting a charity’s website was to gain information and that 22% of visits were made with the intention of making a donation. It was also revealed that one of the most popular reasons to donate is when a friend asks for sponsorship online. In addition, the report found that 50% of respondents like their charities on Facebook and 20% follow them on Twitter.”

Survey reveals six digital donor types

civil-society“A survey of 8,000 digital donors has identified six digital donor types which may help charities plan their online campaigns more effectively.

“The Digital Donor Review, published today by online giving platform Give As You Live, is one of the most detailed reports on the giving habits of online donors yet. Informed by the Donor Survey 2012 which quizzed nearly 8,000 charity supporters on their online habits, its findings have helped develop six donor personas, each with different online use and giving patterns. Give as You Live hopes the personas will help charities make more effective decisions in their fundraising efforts. It also hopes to develop the personas further, by offering charities free reports breaking down their online audience, and using the insights to inform the personas.”

If you represent a charity, you can download the full report here. We’re interviewing donors again in 2013 and inviting every charity to invite donors to take part to identify trends in donors’ giving as we move forward. Every charity that gets involved can request a bespoke report which gives a detailed breakdown of their donor activity.