Are you a Giver or a Taker?


celebAt Give as you Live HQ we’re all about giving, but have you ever wondered just how selfish you really are? Behold,, a new website we’ve launched to assess whether you are a ‘giver’ or a ‘taker’, based on your Twitter activity.

The ‘giver or taker’ tool looks at selfish indicators evident in your Twitter usage, like the percentage of retweets and follows and then generates a score!

You can also find out if your favourite celeb is a giver or taker over on the celeb results.

Find out your score at

Head of Communications at Give as you Live, Steff Lewis said:

“The truth is out! From Kim Kardashian to Simon Cowell, the scores are in and the judgements have been passed! With no ifs, buts or maybes allowed, it’s time to face up to the truth; all the ‘givers’ can pat themselves on the back and as for the ‘takers’, well, it’s never too late to change! Give as you Live can help people donate to charity without any extra expense to them, just by making their everyday online purchases, so it’s got to be the easiest way to clock up your charitable brownie points!”

We may be all about giving and helped raise £4.5 million, but when we took the test we got the result of ‘taker’ with a score of 28/100! Looks like we’ll have to do a lot of shopping via Give as you Live to up our giving status!

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    22 May, 2014 at 09:39


    The Give or Take website is actually 🙂

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      27 May, 2014 at 08:55

      Thanks Jeni, we’ve updated the post.

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