Go Nutty with Ten Top Exotic Beauty Treats


The coconut revolution continues, led by the likes of supermodels Miranda Kerr and Gisele. One of the major powers of coconut is its absorption capability. Small molecules make it soak in like a dream, whether it’s being used as a dry-skin reliever, a nail treatment or as a hair conditioner, or even if you’re eating it on salads or using it as a great cooking oil. You don’t have to be strutting the Milan catwalks to enjoy the benefits of these exotic summer fruits, either. Summer may be on its way out, but these ten nutty beauty buys will ensure that that heady aroma and its magical beauty properties can be indulged in even as the trees’ leaves begin to fall.

You can make sure the scent of summer is never far away with a lovely nutty scent such as Library of Fragrance Fresh Coconut Eau de Toilette, £15 from Boots. It smells good enough to eat – although that’s definitely not advisable – and offers a great sensory boost that is guaranteed to chase the autumn blues away. If you want something even more multi-purpose, consider investing in some Liha Idan Oil, £16 from Liha Beauty. This is a sweet and aromatic coconut oil and tuberuse flower infusion that you can quite literally use from head to toe. Talking of heads, The Body Shop’s Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil at just £7 is a great solution to post-holiday hair. Use it as a treatment overnight for a boost in softness and shine, or massage it into your scalp before washing and conditioning if flakiness is an issue.

It might be raining outside, but you can instantly be transported to a Caribbean beach with lashings of Lavera’s Exotic Dream Body Lotion, £8.40 from Cos Natural. Want to bump up the feel-good effects even more? Use the co-ordinating body wash for a deeper vanilla and coconut scent. Before moisturising, however, try out the My Coconut Island Body Scrub from Treaclemoon, on offer at just £2.49 at Tesco. If you’re not inspired by super-soft, sweet-smelling skin, you might just be by the inspirational motto on the bottle. You can also give your hair a similar treat by indulging in some of the shampoo, serum and conditioner available in the OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk selection from Boots, where items start at £6.99 each. Your hair will be stronger, more supple and better nourished thanks to a perfect mix of egg-white proteins and coconut milk.

If your skin looks much more like a coconut shell than you would prefer, try the Dr Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Hydrating Radiance Elixir, available for £12.99 from Holland and Barrett. Use it like a serum on your neck and face before moisturising and you will notice the repleneshing effects of the virgin coconut extract and oil almost immeduiately. For more head-to-toe nutty hydration, try out items from the Yes To Coconut products from Boots, where prices start at £5.99. The range includes hair shampoo, conditioner, hand and cuticle cream, body scrub, body lotion and the multi-purpose Head-To-Toe Hydrating Balm. Use the hair products in conjunction with the occasional Hydrate & Shine Conditioning Masque with Coconut Water, £2.66 from Superdrug, for gorgeous hair in a nutshell. For a purely natural solution to a multitude of issues, however, pure coconut is hard to beat. Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, £9 from Neal’s Yard Remedies, for example, can treat everything from dry skin to fungal nail infections. What’s more, it tastes lovely as well.