Great Nightwear Is Essential


As the evenings start to draw in, there’s nothing quite like slipping on a great pair of pyjamas, turning up the heating and sticking your tongue out at the cold and darkness outside (figuratively, of course). A key element of this plan, though, is the great pyjamas bit and, sadly, nightwear can be given an unfairly low position in the fashion stakes. You might wonder what the point is of spending quite a bit of money on ‘outfits’ that hardly anyone will see, especially if you live alone, but a great pair of PJs can add a real touch of luxury to even the most mundane of nights, making you feel special even if all you’re doing is watching soaps and eating Pringles. Have we convinced you? If so, here are some great choices for autumn and winter nightwear that are undoubtedly worth the money even if they are only ever seen by you and the cat.

If you want to feel like a Pringle-eating princess of an evening, you can’t beat a bit of silk or satin (although that cat might not like slipping off your knee every minute or two). There’s something extremely decadent about the shimmering effect of both of these materials, and whilst certainly not cheap, a nightdress or pyjamas made of this will never go out of fashion. Check out the luxurious Silk Nightwear range from the White Company, where understated elegance is the order of the day, or head over to Figleaves for some more extravagant and overtly sexy choices, such as the £105 Figleaves Boudoir Aphrodite Pure Silk and Lace Long Chemise or the Scarlett Silk Chiffon Chemise, an £80 creation from the Figleaves Boudoir Collection. These are items, however, that are probably too special for just the cat to enjoy. For more everyday occasions, there’s the fun and funky Julianne Isabella Stretch Silk PJ Set in a hot pink colour, £129, or the angelic Julianne Coco Silk PJ Set in cream, available for £159. For satin pyjamas, meanwhile, there are some really affordable options on offer at La Redoute, including the Louise Marnay Satin Pyjamas, currently on sale at just £19.50. M&S also has a great range of affordable women’s pyjamas for all occasions. Our favourites include the Rosie for Autograph Satin Lace Camisole & Short Pyjamas and the Lace Satin Wrap Pyjamas in Dark Oak, both available for £35 a pair.

If you simply can’t be doing with all that slipping and sliding fabric, however, plain old cotton or jersey could be a better choice for you. And despite the fact that we’ve just called it both ‘plain’ and ‘old’, cotton doesn’t have to be dull or boring at all. In fact, good-quality crisp cotton or snug super-soft jersey can feel just as luxurious as silk or satin – and come at a fraction of the price. There are also lots and lots of fresh and funky designs out there, making these a prime choice if you like the idea of having different nightwear for every day of the week. ASOS has a great range of modern nightwear choices, including the likes of the Chelsea Peers Mystical Moon Jumpsuit, £35, and the Missimo Mickey Mouse Short Pyjama Set, available for £22. If you want to give yourself a Christmas treat, you could also check out the Wildfox Santa Gnomes Romper. At £103, it’s far from cheap, but it is very, very cute! If premium comfort is what you’re looking for when it comes to choosing your nightwear, however, you can’t beat the John Lewis range, or check out Hush UK, where you can expect to pay £44.55 for a pair of super-comfortable brushed cotton Vintage Rose Pyjamas. This really is what great dreams are made of!