Gearing up for Halloween

Halloween for us Brits is about apple-bobbing, sweeties, and half hearted attempts at making a Halloween costume. That case, however, is not the same for our American neighbours across the pond, who take fancy dress to a whole new level; often spending countless hours crafting the most spectacular outfits that are worn for just one night!

Some people have the good fortune of looking pretty scary just by getting up out of bed, but for those that don’t have that luxury; we’ve put together a few costume design ideas for you to try out! The great thing is that pretty much anything has become acceptable for Halloween, meaning you don’t need to feel compelled to dress up as the standard vampire, witch or devil!

walterwhiteBreaking Bad costume

The number one costume that will be touted around Halloween parties this year will be that of the infamous Heisenberg, aka Walter White. For any of you that have been following AMC’s Breaking Bad, you will instantly relate to the bright yellow hazmat suit, gas mask and blue latex rubber gloves often worn by Mr. White during his ‘cooks’. This look can easily be put together by going down to your local hardware store, and will definitely be a fan favourite!

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dmDespicable Me costume

If you’re looking for a kid friendly costume, then the cute, playful minions from Despicable me are a perfect solution for dressing up this Halloween. They are instantly recognisable and their cuteness is loved by all, they can be homemade but are best store bought, great for trick or treating!

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mileyMiley Cyrus costume

Following her outrageous VMA award performance, Miley Cyrus has shot up the trend charts and many people are suggesting her outfit would make a good Halloween costume. I suppose they’re right! I mean, it was pretty scary. It doesn’t rate well on the practicality scales though, with it being only a rubber latex two piece, I can’t imagine being too comfortable, or warm for that matter!

For a Miley Cyrus costume, why not opt for a red leotard from Missguided and tie your hair in two buns.

So there we have it, a few ideas for you to get your teeth into! Be sure to use Give as you Live as Escapade, Angels Fancy Dress, Jokers Masquerade and many more fancy dress stores will donate money to your chosen charity when you shop with them!

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    Halloween Costume Idea

    22 October, 2013 at 11:10

    Very nice idea and lovely costume tht you share. I really love to buy Despicable Me for my kids.

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