Hot Ideas for Winter Birthday Parties

Winter birthday parties for children can be much trickier to organise, especially ones that fall around Christmas. The weather means most outdoor activities are out of bounds, and you don’t necessarily want hordes of youngsters rampaging around your home if you’ve just spent days getting your Christmas decorations right. There are still some great birthday parties to be had, however, and here are just a few ideas.


Pizza-Making Party | Who says children shouldn’t play with their food? Pizza Express offers pizza-making parties, where your youngsters can make a mess to their hearts’ content and then get to eat the results of their cookery efforts. There are also games and ice cream on offer. What more could you ask of the perfect party?

Movie PartiesCineworld has more than 80 cinemas in Ireland and the UK where you can hold a movie party. There’s a range of party packages on offer, including the Ultimate Movie Party, where you get your own movie theatre and can pick your own film and even the trailers that are shown before.

Fast-Food Adventure | Your youngsters can choose whether they want to take their friends on an exciting ocean or jungle adventure at McDonalds. They can don cheeky masks to become jungle animals or go on a treasure-seeking quest with a trained party host as their guide. McDonalds have been putting on children’s parties for decades, so you can be assured that your little ones will have fun and that you will be able to put the party stress in someone else’s capable hands.

The Soft Option | Most soft play areas in the UK host children’s parties where your little ones can rampage around as much as they want without doing any damage — to your home or to themselves.