How to Avoid Those Common Beauty Blunders

Make-up trends come and go, but there are a few common mistakes that should be avoided whatever fashion you choose to follow. If you do not want to look like an over-painted satsuma or a pouting, garishly painted frog, read on to find out where the pitfalls lie.

Sponge, Not Trowel | There is nothing more beautiful than fresh-looking skin, so try not to end up looking like you invited a plasterer around to apply your foundation. Less is most definitely more when it comes to your base layer, so consider using a tinted moisturiser or simply applying your foundation just to certain areas to even out your skin tone, as it was designed to do. Try the ultra-light Matte Fluid Foundation from Yves Rocher, available in six different shades.

No Joker of a Look | Don’t end up looking like Batman’s nemesis the Joker by drawing on crazily shaped eyebrows. Big brows are in right now, but use an eyebrow pencil to define your own shape and not create a completely new one. Keep your scribbles and doodles on paper and not on your face.

Avoid the Trout Pout | There are many women who would like fuller lips, but a lip liner really will not give you what Mother Nature did not. Try to find a liner as close to the colour of your lipstick as possible to avoid looking like something the 1980s rejected. Add a little gloss in the centre of your lower lip for a much more subtle fullness boost.


Too Buff Is Not Good | Do not exfoliate your skin more than three times a week if it is very oily or once a week if it is normal or dry. Contrary to what you may think, lots of exfoliation will not get rid of all of your spots and blemishes — it can actually make them worse. For your weekly scrubbing session, try IOMA Gentle Exfoliating Emulsion. This is not the cheapest option on the market, but it is one of the best.

Primer | You may think that primer is just there to squeeze those last few pounds out of your purse, but it actually does work. If you don’t want to feel your make-up sliding down your face within half an hour of putting it on, check out products such as Seventeen Stay Time Primer.

Save Your Blushers | Make sure your blusher tones in with your lip colour, or you could end up looking like Coco — and that’s the clown, not Chanel. Unsurprisingly, coral blusher goes with orange-tones, along with reds, while pinks go with pinks and bronzes go with purples and berry colours.

Clean Sweep | Don’t spread dirt and germs all over your face every time you add a sweep of eye shadow or with every lick of lipstick. Invest in a specially formulated brush cleaner such as Strictly Professional Make Up Brush Cleaner or simply wash in shampoo before wrapping the bristles in tissue and hanging them up to dry.